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'why Should They Kill My Baby?"

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[The aued molher of the President 19 reponed t ) ave exclulnied as above upon beufclK the newa ot hts atteiupted assasniuatlon.J Why should they kill my baby?-for he seeniB the saine to me As when, Q the morning twilight, I tosaed him on iny knee, . And sowed tor hiim hopes to blossom when he Bbould beconiH a man, And dreamed for hiin sueh a future as only a mother can. I looked anead to the nooa-üme with prond but trembling joy; . I had a visión of spleudor for my sweet btightButiittle enough I fancied that when he had eained renown, , , . . ,„ Base Envy's poisoned bullet would suddenly strike him down. Why should they want to kill him? Becauw he had cut his way . . Through Poverty's gloomy woodlaad out into the open day, ., .. . And sent a shout of good cheer to those who were yet within, „„Aiv That Honor is born of striving, and Honesiy yet can win? Or was it because from boyhood he manfully bared his breast . . .. To fight for the poor and lowly, and aid tne sore oppressed? , Ah me! the world is working upon a treacherWhehe'whó has struck for mankind ie stricken down by man! Or did they begrudge his mother tne uana uo No odds how high he clambered up Foitunfc's ForfnlfisTroudestlife-day he turned f rom the honons of earth, ,. And cameand tenderly kissed me-the molher who gave him birth! Shame to the wretch that gtruck him, and grievesthatitdidnotkill! And pity for hi8 poor mother, ïf he be lmng May8(ïod in inercy aid him hia black crime to AndahX'me to forgive him-I can not do it alone!


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