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Resolutions On The Death, Of Ex-governor Bagley

Resolutions On The Death, Of Ex-governor Bagley image
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The univcrsity senate me', Tuesilay in tlie room of the acting prtsiilent of the university, when the following prcamble and resolution offercd by Hon. Tbos. M. Cooley were uaaDiuiously adoptcd: Whekkas, Tlie hite respccted and bcloved governor of the state, the Hon. John J. Bagley, has been removed by death from the nelds uf public honor and usefulness whicli he has so long and so aeceptably occupied ; and Wheheas, During liis whole public life the deceased was known as an earnest and cousistant friend of tlie cause of public educatiou, ready and anxious to take an efficiënt part in plucinc it upon broadaud liberal and stable foundations, and disposed to measure the u?eful charities of the state according to tlie standard of his own large and gencrous heart; and WiiF.REAS, We especial ly remember that he was at all times a firm and con stant friend of the university, and did much by his acivice and couutniance as a citizeD, and slill more by his public reeommendationh as executive of the state, to enlarge ïtscourses of study, its schools, and its other means of usefulness; so that we may sec on all sides of us the evidences of bis friendly interest and bis efficiënt aid. It seems therefore just and ütling that we should place upou the permanent records of the university an acknowledgment of the debt of gratitude fór the geuerous asslstance whieh tbc university lms from time to time received from flor departed friend; of our esteem for his high and noble qualUtes, and of out sincere regret that in the prime of life he is cut short in a career alreany eminent for its usefulness, and which we, in common witli our feilow cit i.i'iis had earnestly desired and hoped might be prolonged many years to the future advantage of the state which he had so honoreu by bis able and efficiënt discharge of public duties; and had so blessed by his abundant chat nies, umi by his many estimable and endearing qualities as a citizen, a man, a husband and a father. Jiesolved, That in token of our sincere spmpathy with the family of the deceased, the president and secretary be directed to sign and present to them a copy of this expression, and that the members of the senate will attend in person the funeral obsequies.


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