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A wind mili will pump water for the elcctric liglit company, Henry Ilurst wns bouml over to ihe circuit co.irt yesterday, on the charge of horse slCiling. Wliy not bririg out the steamer and wet the graSs in the oourt yard, which is lul dying out f'or the want of water. Therc is no doübt bul. the steeple on the iicw inuscum building will have to be itreiüjtlien d Iiy inore iron to prevent ils giving way. A tliorough examination is lo lie made wben regent Sliierer arrivés. NO GOOD PHEACHlNG. No man can do a good job of work, prcu'-h a goód sermón, trya law suitwell, doctor 'patiënt, or writo a gooi artiele wlicn lie f cois miserable nbd dull, with sluggisl) braio and unsteady nerves, and none .-hould makc (he atlempt in hucU a condition when it cap be so easily and ctieaply removed hy a Hule Hop Bitters. See nthpr column, - Albany Times. THE KEY TO HEALTH. llave, you fonid the key to perfect hcaltU and strength? lt. is Kidncy-Wort Ihe only remedy that overcomes at onoe the inactipn of the kidueys and bowels. It ininlits thc blood by cleansing the systemof foul hümorsábd by giving strength to the livor, kidneys and bowuls to perform their regular fuuctions. Bce dislilaycd advertisement. Bucklin's Árnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Culs, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Balt Hheum, Fe ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Ilands, Chilblaias, Corns, and al i kinds of skin Erup tions. This salve is guaranteed to givt perfect satisfaction in every case or the money refunded. Prico 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Mich. PILES!" PjLEST" PILES ! A Sure Cure Found at Last.- No one Need Suffer. Asnre for the Blind, Bleedlng, Itching and Uli-iTated Tiles lias been discovered by Dr. Williams (an Indian remedy), called Dr. . WUliam'fl ludían Olniment. A single box has enred the moral i'hri:pasosof !5and :W yeara' standing. Noonenccil sutlVr ño. miiuites atter applyiiiK thlswonderfnlsoothing medicine. Lotions, Instruments anl V'lrct u.-iries do more harm than good. Williams Oiiitmcni nbsorbs the tumors, allays the Intense Itchlng (partivularly at night after Rettinfr wann in led). acts as a poultiee; KÍves inslaut and oainless relief, and is prepareti i ,n ly for Tiles, ítcblpg vt the private parts, and aothing ebe, Kead wlmt the Hon. J. M. Cofflnlierry, oL Clevelafld, saj-s alM)ut Dr. William's Indian liln Ointment: I have nsc.l scores o t pile cures, and lt afCorda me ploasure I o say that I have never found anyüiint; which gave Sucli inmiediate and perniiuient relief as Dr. William's Indian File Ointment. Fur sale by all (lrucgisls, nr malled on receipt of prlce, $1.00. Ja?. E. Davis &. Co., Wlmtesali Drugiats, Detroit, Mlch., Aents. Kor sale by H. J. Brown S: Co., Ann Arbor, Mich. ip!ONnWEDCINEj Hl IX E1THKU Müflli_()U HUÏ F0U9I H U Thnt Aclsnt tbc ame time on ifSELXVia, TSSSOWSZSM AÏÏD TES SWÏÏS7S.rC ff UwHY ARE WE!SICK?i K m " mlm I ■ I Becaute we allow these greal orgam' toB LJtonit clogged or lorttid, and poitoruyutf Whvmoreare (herefore forced Into the blood M mA that shouldbe expelled naturally. P WILL SURELY CURE i Ikidney diseases, r liver complaints,! MpII.KS, CONSTIPATION, VIHNAltY T n DISEASES, FEHALE WEAKNE88E8, I AN NEItVOCS DI8ORDEK8, M by causlngfree action of these orgaru and Ij H rettorlng their power (o tlirow off distóte. ■ IVliy suffer KUIong puin and nchcit WÊ Why tormentwl nlth rilos, Constlpstlon! ■ U Wli y frlglitened over disordered Kldnayt! F H Vihj endure nenous or lek Iieadachesi ■ II Use KIDNEY-WORTand rtjoice in h ealth . kj I Itlsputupln l)ry Vesetsble Fora In tin Ij H cane one packago of wtxlch m&kea aix quarts of H ■ 1 medicine. AUo In Llquid Farm, very Cerneen. II a3 tratedf f or tbose tb at oannot readlly prepare It. M ■S 7Xt acts wit h equal efficiency In elther f orm. ■ U OET IT OF YODR DRUOfilST. PRICI. 1.O M H WELL, BICIIABDSO! Co.,Prop'i, ■ ■ J(WUJondthodrypo3t-paid.) BCBUnOTOI, TT. K MRS. LYDIA E. PINKHAM. OF LYNN, MASS. BISCO VEKER OP LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND. The Positivo Care For all Female Complaints. Thtspreparation, as lts name Plgnlflos, conslsts of Vegetable Proporties that aro hormtoss to the moet delicate invalld. Vpon ono trial the merite of this Com poand wül bc rocognized, as relief Is i inmediato ; and wli'-n it h une is continued, ín ninety-nine cases In a hun. dred, apeniianentcuroiaeíloctotl.asthousand wiU toatity. On account of lts proven merits, lt is to-day reeomnieiided and prcscribetl by the bent physlcians In tlie country. It wlll euro cntlrcly the worst form of falllng of the uterus, Leucorrbwa, irregular and palnfut Menstruation.aJl Ovarían Troublea, Inflammatlon and Ulceration, Floudinja, aUDlHplaitrimiitu and tho consequent Bpinal weakness, and Is espeolally adaptod to the Change of JAtv. It wiU tlJssolve and ezpel tumors frnm the uterus 1 n an carly trtaKO of dtsvelopment. The tndt-ney to cancerous humors thero 1h checked very Hpeedlly by its om. ín toot it has prowd to be the (createet and best remedy that Jkih ever been dlBOorered. It )ernieates every portion of the system, and givea new Ufe and vigor. H removes faintntüW.flatulency, dentroys all craving for stimulanU, and relieves wenk nes of the atomaeh It cures Eloating, rieadaclio, Nerroua Prostratlon, Qeneral Debillty, Sleoplrusnetui, Depretudon and Indigestión. Tliat feeling of bearlnjpdown, causing pain, weight and b&ckache, is alwaya pcrmanently cured by its une. It wil lat all time, andundcrall clrcumstances, act in haxniony withthe law that governs the female system. Fr Kidm-y Comiilaints of eithvr bvx thia compound is unsurpasscd. Lydia E. Pinkharn's Vegetable Compound Is prepared at 233 and ü:V West tii Avenue, Lynn. Haas. Trice 91.00. SU bottles for $5.00. Seut by mail in the form of pills, iilsolu forin of rrfzt!UK!n, ort recelpi ofprKM-, glJMi. per t'ox, for t-ith.-r. Mm. I'INKHAM freely aiuwcra uil 1 -ttersof Inqulry. Stnd for paai ptflot. Ail'hï i : oboTO Xcntton ifii's Htper. No familyshoiildlM' without T-YIHA K. P1NKITAM' UVKRP1I.LS. Th.-y m CiWB MfUlj, Hihousuww anll'urpii. Ly of ll? Uver, 20 ct-nt uer box. pld by C. E. HolmedfCtok liotolhlocki ] Stop that Cough! If you are suffering witli a Cough, .'oíd, Asthma, Bronchitis, .Hay Fever, 2onsumption, loss of volee, tiukling in le tbroat, or any afïection of the Throat orLungs, use Dr. King's New Discovery or Consumption. Tliis is the great emedy that ia causing s much excitement by its wonderful cures, curing lousands of hopeless cases. Over one million bottles of Dr. King's New Disovery have bean used within the last rear, and have given perfect satisfactioa n every instance. We can unhesitaingly say that this is really the only sure ure for throat and lung affections, and an cheerfully recommend it to all. Culi nd get a trial bottle for ten cents, or a egularsize for f 1.00. For sale by Elicrach & 8on, Ann Arbor, Mich. MRS. N. H. PIERCE, MAjGNBTIC HEALEH. (cures without medicine,) UesiJence 29 Pontiac St., i'ifth ward, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Busicss liours from 9 a. ra. to G p. in.


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