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A High-Handed Outrage. Last daturday considerable cxcitement was oecasioned in tliis city, when it was ascertained that a gentleman from Chicago was locked up in justice Granger's office, and deprived of his libeity without due procesa of law. When it became noised about the citizens took it up and all seemed to side in with the stranger. Some said : "He ought to knock Granger's head off;" "That a good threshing was what the justice wanted;" "A pity the stranger didu't pilch him througli the window," and like remarks were heard on he streets. Now for the facts in tlie ase. About 9 jo'clock in the morauig, Albert W. Stevens, the agent referred to who had been in the city for a week on msiness, aDd in the interest of Marshall field & Co., of Chicago, called at Granger's olttee, and asked and was given pernission to look AT A BILL OF SALE iven to Mrs. Sarr.h Bagley by (iidley fc Wheeler milliners. Mr. Stevens further esired to make a copy of the bilí of sale, ad Granger hamled him some note paper 'or that purpose. When he had nearly fiashed, for sonie unaccountable reason, Granger rapped on the table a number of imes and told him to "drop it," "drop jat paper I teil you;" but the agent kept n writing, and when through put the opy in his pocket, buttoned up his coat nd handed the original to Granger. He jen ma lu a motion as if to arise, wheu Granger jumped over the railiug and ocked THE DOOR OP HIS OFFICE nd put the key in his pocket. Mr. tevens was cool and collected, while the ■ate Granger paced his ofliee like an euaged lion Twelve o'clock carne and tevens was still kept a prisoner against is will, although he demauded a uumber f times to be released. "Not until I ïave that paper" was the reply which ;reeted him. A number of persons conregated at the foot of the hall stairs vhich lead to the office expecting every noment the fun would commence anl bat Granger would come TUMBLING DOWN THE STAIKS. Jut the agent was evidently not disposed o harm him, although it is afleged that ïore than once Granger stuck his fist uiter his nose. Between one and Iwo clock Stevens got word to D. Crainer y Christian Maek that his presence was waated in tUe justice otiice, and he forth vith held a cousultatiou with his cliënt. Ie hamled tliü papers which he luid opied to Mr. Ciamer, aud when he lelt lie office, took them with him. Wlien Jranger ascertained tliis he unlocked the oor and ordered Stevens to go. He went directly to Cramer's ofliee, and soon f ter a warrant was issue 1 by justice Veuauff for Granger's arrest on the harge OF FALSE IMPKISONMENT. 'he warrant was served by constable joomis, a warm personal frieud (?) of the ustice. Granger gave bail in the sum of ;500 for his appearance for examiuation, vhich will come off next Saturday. The harge is a serious one, and if Granger vas worth anything, he could be made to mart most beautifully. The proceeding was a high-handed one, and although Mi. Stevens would have been justified in usng torce - even to knocking Oranger lown - to regain Ji is libeity, he probably ,ook the botter course, and the matter will now be fought out in the courts ■"here is but one opinión .hat Granger hould be taught a lesson which he will not soon forget. It is thought there are jood grounds FOR IMPEACHMENT, and we await further results. . The idea that one, who is himself a conservator of the peaee, should deprive a man of his liberty by locking him up without the least shadow of right, is a serious matter. BE WISE AND HAPPY. If you will stop all your extravagant and wrong notiou? in doctoring yourself and families with expensive doctors or humbug cure-alls, that do harm always, and use only nature's simple remedies for all your ailmeuts - you will be wise, well aud happy, and save great expense. Tlie greatest remedy for tliis, the great. wise and good will teil yóu, is Hop Bitters - rely on it. Seeauother column. - Press EDUCATED WOMEN. Réflned and educated women will someimes sufEer in silence foryears from kidne3' diseases, or constipation and piles, whioh couli easily be cured by a package of Kidney-Wort. There is hardly a womnn tü befiiund tbat does not at some time suffer frora some of the diseases for which this gréat remcdy is a specific. It is put up in liquid and dry forma, equally efficiënt. - Spnngfleld Union. We are strongly disposed to regard tbat person as tlie best pbysician who does most to alleviate huinan suffeiing. Judged from this standard, Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, 23i! Western Avenue, Lyiin, Mass., is entKJed to tlie front rank, for her Vegetable Compouud is daily working wonderful cures in female diseases. Send for circular to the above address. Keep it on hand. No farmer or teiun8ter shoulit le without Heuiy & Johnscjn's Árnica and OH Liniinent. It is invaluable in cases of hurls either on man or beast. Singers and public speakers should use Downs' Elixir, as it removes hourseuess and increasestlie power of the voice. lf yon ilesiie rosy cheeks aud a fair complexion, purify the blood by the use of Baxters Mandrake Bitters. CITY ITEMS. A REMAKKABMi OU UK. - Tllü intant daugüter of A. C. W uiting of Ypsilanti, was cured of a severe eruption of the face of nine months' standing by Mrs. N. II Pierce. Tune required lens thun n eek. It had been unsiieiessfully treated by foui of best pliysiciuns. 'i'he hands of (lic child liad been eonfined la bags, umi lier anus pinioned to lier sides to keep lier from tearing lier fiflal) in Uie aguny o p lin and itcliing. She is now well an happy and her hands at hberty. Stic re (liiires little care, and her parents are relii'ved of untold anxiety and trouble We certify that tbe above statement is strictly true. Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Wutling. You can live at Whilniore Lftko as clieap, or cln-aper than in the cily, as Wm. Grabiun only charges "i per weeK al his hotel, Ihe hake house. This is tin time of year to visit this celebrated place of resort. Il is one of the finest boilics of water in the stati" as tliose who have been there eau testify. Frenen Qiujrhoms reduced from í7 1- eeats to 32 cents, at Kacli ifc Abel's. Cady's catarrh remed}', a surtí pure lo catarro is lor sale at Holmes' drug store ('ook hotel bloes Ten pieces of bandsome ftgured Juckr. rietts, at 80 cents, redticed from iió cenls at Bach ó Abel's. The great remnunt sale still continues at Bach & Abel's. Tlic Lake house at Whitmore Lake ,- open for the reception of guests. The hotel has been nicely fitted up, and is fust rlass in every particular Persous intending to visit the Lake for a week or longer, will I; met at the depot in South Uyon, Ann Arbor or Brightou. All com nunicatiem uddrcsscd to YVni. Gruham will be promptly attcnded to. Summer Dress Goods ateost, and some elow cost at líach & Abel's. Important to travelerij Special Inducenunts ure oiïereJ you by the Hurlington ioute. It will pay yon to read iheir advertisement to be found elsewhere in th8 ssue Bach & Abel show more styles and more ties than all of the other houses in he city. I sell apple trees, G to 7 feet high, (nice rees), for 15 cents each; lees by the hunlred. Concord grape viries one and two 'earsold, from $3 to $5 per 100. Jacob Sanzhorn. Board only $5 per week at the Lake ïouse, Whitmore Lake, YVm. Graham iroprietor. Great bargaina in Dress GoodsBach & Abel are selling haudsome dregsgoodsat 5 cents, just marked down from 50 ets., 1 1-2 ets., and 30 ets. If you are not in need of dress goods now, it will pay you o buy and lay away for another year. Go to thr Ann Akiior niihsury for ipple trees, grape vines, and for everyhing else for the garden and orchard Jnces the lowest iu the city. Jacob Ganzhorn, proprietor, at the head of princ St. JVisitors to Whitmore Lake are enterained at the Lake house, Win. Graham. )roprietor, for $1 per day, which ïncludes -he use of boats and fishing tackle. Please emember it is only $1 per day, or f5 per veek. TAKE NOTICE. I hereby caution all persons against trusting r harboring iny wife Mrs. Julia I.aubengaver n niy aceount, after this dato, as I shall pay no .ebts of her eontracting. HENRY LAUBENQAYER. Ann Arbor, July 20, 18S1. HENRY MATYhËWST" Tas] the pleasure to Inform the public that he is ready to receire them in hisnewbrick MEAT MARKET! 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Is ftn absolute and Irresistible cure for I Diunkeuuess. use of opium, tobáceo and I narcotica. ■HMiH Sbkd fob Ciecttlar. !■■■■ All ftbove iold by dnijitU. I Hop Bitter Mfg. Co., Kocheiter, N. Y., Tnronto. Onl. I REAL ESTÁTEEXGHANGE. MANLY & HAMILTONS Abstract and Real Estáte Office, No. 11, First fioor, Opera House bloek, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Abstracts fnrnished on short notice on any pareel of land in Washtenaw county, from Frenen Olaimsof Ypsilanti, to the most complicatod titles in the Village of Manchester. Money to Loan on Real Estáte seeureties. For Sale I - o - I 2O Acres at $50 per acre in the township of Webster, good buildings. Terms to suit purchaser. New StorG on west side of Main street, terms easy. I OO Acres within 1 1-2 miles of court house with flrst-class building, perfect title and very cheap. House and LotS 1,2. 3, bloek4south range ü west, situated on South side of I jberty St. House and four LotS, on corner of Forest avenue and Orleans street. EntireBIOCk2NR13E, except 2 lots. Good building sites. Terms to suit purehaser. A Cood Farm, Uno acres, well mproved, in the townsliip of Webster, good buildings, $65 per acre. House and Lot o Catherine street for sale, or ext'hange for lot near the Methodist church. Terms easy. A House and doublé Lot at Whitm'ore Lake, $Ï(K). House and Lot, on;ingulls street, north of University, $8,000. House and Lot, on Lawrence street, $2.000. House and Lot, onnorth side of West Huron street; also G 1-3 acares situated on south side of Jaokson road, about one mile f rom court-house, $2,(100 for both parools. Terms to suit purchaser. One House and two aerea of land sitúate in lnalls1 addition, known as the M. J. Oltile} property, good barn and well. House and Lot, on EHzabethSt., $2,000. A House and 1-2 acre of land in 5th ward, west side of the Dixboro road. House and three Lots, in the Fifth ward, good locality, $1,000. House and five LotSonMiller avenue. Will be sold at a bargaiu. (Jood barn on the oremlsea 3O Acres of land on Whitmore Lake road within -Í-4 iqttes of Court-IIouse. Wonld Hke to Oxoaange for city property. Lots 77, 73, 9O, aul part of lot 89 and a large briek house witli 12 rooms, R. 8. Smith's addition, A Stock Of Drugs &od Medicines worth $4,000 will be sold for cash or exehange for a good farm near the city; or a half interesi can be purchased In the stock, ïïusinesb good. A Fine Brick House, Harnes. Orchard with nice welt and spring, and six acres o] land, on West Hurun and Jewett streeta known as the Jewett property. l'rice $15. 000, or two lots off saul pr.ptTty on Huroi Si., priCö STiHi oach. MONEY TO LOAN In sums from $100 to $5,000, amount and terms tosuit applioants.


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