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A new f;ir apsociatiou lias boen formed n CUOkfto s ii-i a wi'ck'fl exhibition vvill be given in September, cointnencing OBtlie 12tb. l'rc'idHiit, (iarfWld continúes to improve satisfactorily. Pr. Hamilton has releived Dr. Agnew, :uui i xpresstm tbe belief that the balt lies i ttie civi'y between the front of th hip bone aml di.' rihi which coutaiu the small intestinen. A "crank71 appearei at the Capítol at Albany N. Y., arined with an oíd fashioned guu, and announced hiinself as tbe Adjutaut-General of the State. Chiefof Pólice Bains. of Wiudsor, and sberilf A. T. Ames, of Hoone Connty, 111., arrested l)r. Thomas W. Cream, a notoiious pby Hielan of Chicago, at Belle Hiver, a few miles from Wiodsor on a charge of baving murdered Daniel Scott, a citizen of Belviders, Boone County, I1L Eight victims of Ihe practice of pouring kerosene on a stove in New York witbin a week. Minnie Reeve, station agent nt Minnehouka, vi:i n., wís returníng to herhouieat Hopkius on an ougine wben it collidod with a train and she was caught bet ween tbe boiler head and scalded to death. Mr. Bookwalter has formally accepted the democratie nomination for (overnor of Uhio. Montpelier Uie Virginia home of President Mail sou has been soldat auctlon to J . L. Carringtonof Ricbinoud, for $20,000. At the session of the conference of charities in Boston, Andrew E. Kltnore of Winconsin, was elected president, and several secretaries were chosen, including W. J. Baxter of Michigan. The nest meeting will be held at Martison, Wis. By Ui collision of Iwo freiflit trains ou the N. Y. and N. H. K. B. at Rye, N. Y.„ a numlier of cara were wi ecked, a conductor and brakeniau killed. James Miíily, one of the engineers, wasseriously iiijured, and the otbor engineer, Kdward Klliot, slihtly injured. L. J. Van Marter, of the Peoria Democrat, stated to an absociatod preos reporter tbat he had discovered tbat the infernal machines reCently received in Liverpool were mauufaetured in that city. The director of the association of united Iriulunen lives tbere and is suppo6ed to know all about the inattor. Thnre were tn of the machine made at Peoria and shipped to New York wuere they were loaded with dynainite and then shipped to London. Col. John ü. Burch, seciotary of the United States seaate, died at bis residence in Washington, of organic disease of the heart. A "crank" threatened operationp upon üqv. Pillsburg of MiBn.,and was promptly commitUd to an asylum. The President was moved into anotber room and the one where he has lain was thoroughly renovated. He appears to be doing well. He expreeses hiinself as feeling better and the doctors appear much more confident. Sr. Bliss says that he is going to get well. Kighteen buildings at Lebanon, Tenn., burned by the overturning of a lamp in a livery stable. Mr. Wh'itti, ministor at Berlín, has sent in his resignation, to take effect August IS. The government astronomers say that there are now three cometa visible, the last comer being Eacke's cornet. The goage of tbe Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleaus railroad bas been changed frora five feet to the standard width. Tbe change was made for the entire leDgth - 560 miles- in eleven bouie. The work of redoeming government bonds under the Windom plan is completod. Tbe exchangiug of all . bouds deposited by national banks as security for their circulation for "Wiudoins" is also praclically accomplished. Atter Moooshiner McDow shot Deputy Brayton in South Carolina he went to the town of Centreville, wbere the imiuest on the body was held, aud openly declared that he had killed him, but yet the coronei's jui-y brought in a verdict tbat Braytoa was killed by some unknown person, and McDow was not arrested. President Uarfield continúes to improve. He has but little feverand appears to be gaining streugtb. He bas btwn able to sit propped up in hls bed witli pillows for a short time and seenied restod by the change. Twenty five miles of the track of the Atchiii!, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad have been wastied out nwir San Marcial, New Mexico. There is also a large washout on the Southern Pacific road near Jasa (rande, Arizona. Hiiaiu White, a no'.trious desperado and mail robber bas been arrested in Colorado, where be has been operating uuder the uame of Benton. He is one of the most desparate of border bighwaymen. Large fire at Louiaville, Ky., causes $125,000 loss. Edwin B. Smith, nssistnnt attorney general, bas resigned. TIib government steamer Alliance wíus at Rfklavlökr, Iceland on the twelftb taking in ooal, and bad uo news of the Jeanette. It is reported that John Carean, Washington correspondent of tbe New York Time, is to be appointed assistint seeretary of the treasury. Two hundrel lum!er mili men at 0{den8burgb, N. Y., Btruck fur more py, and some who attemptod to w irk wei atturked and in jured. Odo of the Soutli ('rolin;i moonshiners bas 6urrendered himself. A large delAgation of I.idians are coming from tribeo of tlie uorthwest to consult with tbe interior departmeut atxut tbe división of lands in severalty, and otber questious of interiHt to tbe Iribee. The prosideut bas taken some solid food and a frame work bas been so arranged under bis bed as to elévate his shoulders and give him relief or pruition. Pr. Hamilton has returned to New York nd Dr. Agnew is again on hand. All the surgeons speak favorably of tue condition and progresa of the case. An explosión from an unknown causa occurred at Ehret's brewery, New York, by whtch the eutire went wing was blown off. Fire broke out iinuiediately atter the explosión, but was soou extiuguished. Loss to the building and content $25,000, insured. Bishop E. O. Havens, formerly president of Um Michigan university, is dangerously sick at Portland, Oregon. P. W. (irow of Peoría, 111., the man charged with niaking the infernal machines, confesses the act and say Ie bas the same right to niake thein as to manufacture fire-armi. A boiler explosión occurred at Peoria, 111., and a number of men were injored. Nine of them have died and four otbers are gi ven up. The victiins inhaled steam, and their surTerings were inteuse. The coronei's jury found tbat the accident was caused by the unnecessary u-i' of sieam in the stil!. Ex-tiov. Saulsbury died at his residence in Dover, Del., after a brief illness. He was fornierly rovernor of the state, and a prominent candidate for the United States senate when his brotber Eli was eleeted. Ueorge W. Tabb, a former resident of Jefferson county, West Virginia, forman of the jury that convicted John Brown, bas just died. Michael Flanagan, aged 88, of Nova Scotia, was drowneu in a mud gutter ia New York city. He was drunk and went to sleep in tbe gutter. Drainlngs formed a puddle deep enough to cover his head. The decrease in the U. S. indebtedness during July was $ 10,078,023.28. As the war of railroad ratee is in proeress, at Boston botli passenger and frel,'ht lariffs are in great confusión, chietly from the persisteut cutting of the (rand Trunk. Tickets from New York and Boston to Chicago are benig sold as low as $5.00 The new capítol at Albany was etnick by lightuiut; and several workinen were injured. l'rof. Eastman thinks that the last disxtered cornet will booq be visible to the nakiwi eye. A. man named Lomprax, recently arrived at San Francisco, reporta that he was with a party of 13 surveyors o northern Mexico wbere tbey wore attacked by Indians and all the surveyors were killed. Lomprax was taken prisnerand finally escaped. (iea. Robt Patterson is lyine dangerously UI at Pbiladelphia, (rom Brighl's disease and degeiieration of the beart. Profs. Bell and Taintor have located the bullet in the President, at a point in the front wall of the abdomen immediately above tb groin, aliout five inches below and to tlie right of the navel. Tbe surgeons are satisfied with the reeslt of the experiment and will not attmpt the removal ol the ball, at least for the present, unless it occasions trouble. The President ís coDstantly Kaining Btrength and it is confidently predicted that he will soon be able to leave bis bed.


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