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A Letter Of Sympathy From Gladstone

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The British Premier has addressed the folio wing letter to Airs. Garüeld: London, July 21. Deau Madam. - You win, I am sure, excuse me, though a personal stranger, for addressing you by letter to convey to you assurances of myown ieelings and tliose of my countrymen on the occasion of the late horrible attempt to ïnurder the IJresident of the United States, in forni more palpable at least than that of messagesconveyed by telegraph. ïhosefeelings have been feelings in the lirst instance of sympathy, and aftei wards of joy and thankfulness, and, I ventnre tosay, onlysecond to the strong emotions of the great nation of which he is the appointed head. Individually I have, let me beg you to believe, had my f uil ahare in the senliments which have possessed the liiitish nation. They have been pronopted and quickened largely by what I venture to think is the ever growing sense of harmony and mutual respect and alïection between the two countries and of the rehiüonship which f rom year to year becomes more and more a practical bond of union between iis, but they have also drawn much of their stiength from the cordial admiration of the simple heroism which has marked the personal conduct of the President; for we have not wholly lost capacity of appreciating such an example of Christiau faith and manly fortitude. This exeniplary picture has been made complete by your own contribution to its noble and touching features, on which I only forbear to dweil because 1 am directly addressing you. I beg to have my respectful compliments ánd congratulaüons conreyed to the President and to remain.dear madame, witli much esteem. Your most faithful servant,


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