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1. There should be some special and extraordinary reasen to justify iuterference by quo uxiri anto wiih the organizar tion ot' a school district, as the statutes próvido aspoedierremedy by an appeal trom (lie inspectora to the townsliip board. Jx)rd v. JSvery, 38 Midi., 4Ü5. 2. Wlien a school district has enjoyed its franchises i'or tive years, duiing most of wbich time proceedings to inquire intot!i(! validity of the organizalion have been pending by quo uxirranto and writ of error instead of the speèdier statutory process of appeal, thesupreme court declined to review its organizütion on technicalities. [Ibid. 3. The legal organixation of school district actually exercising its corjiorate powei-s, cannot be eollaterally questioned in contesting a title based on a school tax. [Stockle et al. v. Silabee, 41 Mich., 615. 4. A certiorari to review proceedings whereby a new school district has been creatcd out of old districts must be applied for before the district has been organied and assumed the functions of a corporation; af ter that time the proper course is to take measnres to try the legality of its corporae existence by quo tvarranto, or other direct proceedings against the alleged corporation or its oflicers. [Fractional scliool district Ko. 1 of Owosso, etc, v. scliool iaspectors of Owosso, etc, 27 Mich., 3. 5. Üertiorari addressed to the assessor of a school district is wholly unsuited as a remedy to test the legal organization and existence of the district, as the errors, if any there are, lie back of Any action of the assessor, and are to be found in the action of the township


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