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Yorktown Centennial Ode

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[The Richmond (Va.) Dispatsh publiehes the foflowing Centennial ode, which has been set to inusic by Frof. MoBenthal, of Philadelphia, and ie to be sung by a cheius of 275 voices at ttie Ynrktown celebration. Hark! hark! down the centary's long reaching slope, To those transporte of triumph- thoBe raptures of hope! The voices of inaiuand of mountain combiued, Iu glad resonaace borne on the wings of the wind : - The bass of the drum, and the trumpet that thrills Through the multiplied echees of jubilent bilis! And mark! how the years, melting upward like mist, Whxhthe breath of souie splendid enchantment has kissed, Reveal on the ocean, reveal on the shore, The proud pageant of conquest that graced tliem of yore. CHORUS. Where blended forever in love or in fame, See! the standard which stele froin the starlight its Hum, And type of all chivairy, glory, romance - The fair lilies, the luniiuous lilies of France! n. O! Btubborn the etrife, ere the conflict was won! And the wild-wbirling war-wrack half stifled the sun! The thunders of cannon that boomed on the lea But re-echoed far thuuders pealed up from the sea- Whero guarding bis sea-lists - a night on tho waves - Bold De öxasse kept at bay the bluft bulldogs of (iraves- The day turued to darkness, the night cbanged to Ure, Stül more fierce v.axed the combat, more deadly the ire - Undimmed by the glooni, ah! bebold where they nde, In majestic advauce, o'er the red battle tide. CHOBUS. Those barmere united in love as in fame- The brave standard wbich drew froui th starbeaius their Manie, Ana type of alJ chivalry, glory, romance - 1'he fairjlüies, tb luminous lilies ol i ranee! III. No respite! No pausel By the York's torturtured Hood The gray Lioo ol England ie wrilhiug lu ulood ! Coruwaüii may clidfe, and coarse TiU'ieton aver - As he sbaruens his broad sword and buokles bis spur - "This blade, wbich so oft has reaped Rebele like grain, Shall now barvest, for death. the rude yeoman again." raia baast! for ere sunsethe's flying in fear. Witb the rebels be scouted close, close in the rear! The Freucli on bis flank hurl such volleys of shot That e'on üloueestor's redoubt mast be growing too hot. CHOBUS. Thus wedded in love, as uaited in fame! Lol the Standard that stole trom the starlight its flame, An . type of all chivalry, glory, romance - The fair lilies, the luminous lilies of France! IV. O! morning superb! when theseige reachedits cloBe! Seel the sundawn outbloom like tlie Alcheinist's rose! The last wreaths of sinoke from dim trenches upcuried Are trausformed to a glory that smiles ou the world. Joy! Joy! tíave the wan, wasted front of the fots, With hiö battle-flagB furled and his arma trailing low. Respect for the brave! In grim sileuce they yield, And iu silence they pass with bowed heads froin the field. Ihen tnuinph transcendent! So Titan of tone That soine vowed it must startle King Ueorge on his throne! CHORUS. O! wedded in love, as uoited in fame! See! the standard that stole Irom the sUrlight ils tiauie, And type of ali chivalry, glory, romance - Lee fair lilies, the luininous lilies of France! v. When Peace to her own timed the pulse of the land, And the war-weapon sunk from the warwearied hand, Youug Freedom, upborne to the height of the goal - She has yearned tor so long with deop travail of soul - A song of her future raised, thrilling and clear, Till the woods learned to hearken, the hlll - slopes to hear, Yet, fraught with all magical gracdeurs that gleain On the hero's high hope, or the patriot's dream, Wltat Future, tho' bright, in cold shadow shall cast The stern beauty that haloes the brow of the Past? CHORUS. O! wedded in love as united in fame! See! the standard that stole froin the stariigbt ito Mame, The type of all chivalry, glory, romanceThe fair lilies. the lumiuous lilies of France!


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