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1. The treasurer of tlie board of school inspectora, and riot the townslüp txeasurer, is the proper custodian of the township library money; and the bitter offlcer, on proper demand, is bound to pay it over to the fonner, and is not entitled to withhold it untU it is drawn by the inspectora as needed for specitic appropriations; and mandamua will lie to enforce the performance of this duty. [McFharlin v. Malioney, 30 Mich.. 100. 2. lt is i sufficient ground for an ;ipplication forjcaadamus to enforee sueh payment, that the tówñship treasurer, when an order was properly drawn on hini liy tlie inspectora for such money, but i'or an amouat Blightly in excess of bhe money in liis hands, refused to pay over what hfl had, not upon the ground that theorder was too Ltige a suin, but upon tlu3 distinct assei-tion that he was liimself the proper custodian of the fimds, and was not bound to pay tliem over exccpt as they were required by the inspectora for specitic purposes. Ibid. 3. Under the eonstil ut ion and statuten, all moneys whiehare paid intotheoflice of llie couuty treasurer, on account of fines, penalties, forfeitures and recognizances, are to be credited to the library fund, and apporlioned and Jaid over by the treasurer to the proper local officers, without any reduction for expenses, either attending the collection of tlie partieular stfrns páid in, or enibracing the general criminal expenses of the coiniiy. [Board of education of Detroit v. treasnrer ot' Wayne (■ounty 8Mich.,;J92. Paper belting is used with succesa in the machinery hall of an exhibition now beinir held m.J.ipan. tt is stated that the belting made of paper las been tested u'id fuiuul to be mueh strenger than that made of ordinary leather.


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