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The End Of Volume Three

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Witb this namber of the paper The DemOCRAï completes its third year. During the three years of its existence il has been fearless aud out-spoken, and ever ready to dcfend the right. It is well known The Dkmdchat was established to BUpply a needed want in the comraunity, and the buccess with which it has met is only an evidence that the people apprecíate and will support i live neiespaper. The Democrat bas passed tbrough two exciting political campaigns, aud although we have had very little to say politically of late, we are confldent that our democratie subscribers are fully siilisfied with our marnier of conducting the paper, as none have deserted us, and we have been receivinjr additional naines to our list at the rate of 20 subscribers per week. In the future as in the past we will uphold the banner of democracy. To those who have given us thcir advertisiug we fully appreciate the kindness, and hope to merit a continuance of the same. It is unnecessary to speak of The Democrat as a local paper - for it bas long been acknowledged to be the best one publishtd in the county, and we propose that in the year to come it shall lose none of its interest in this respect. J. D. Irisl), a highly respected citizen, and onc of the pioneers of luis county, died this morning. He came here when Michigan was a territory, and as early as 1833 scttled in this place. For several months past bc had been ailing. II is disease, kidney complaint, was deep seated, for which there seemed to be no relief. By prudence and economy he succeeded in accumulating a nice liltle fortune. Mining Journal: Even in his retirement the insatiate reporters decline to let Roscoe Conkling alone. He was Been in bathing by one of them the other day, and this is the way the fellow put him in print: "The water wrings Macassar from his famous cnrl, his daun'.less breast swell9 out like a big life preserver, and his legs - thiu as a White house bulletin - stab the woundlcss waves with desperate thrusts." If he wcie to stab that reporter with a rat spear Roscoe would be Kuilty of nothing worse than "justifiable homieide." As the question is quite frequently asked when the different newspapers in this county werc founded, wo give below the names of the papers and the time they were ushered into existence: Tbc Peninsular Courier was founded in 1861, June 18, by C. G. Clark and W. D. Wilsie; the Register in 1872; Ann Arbou Democrat, Scpt. 12, 1878; Washtenaw Post, Oct. 3, 1870; Daily News, Nov. 23, 1880; Ypsilanti Sentinel, 1844; Commercial, March 1, 1864; Dexter Leader, 1868; Chelsea Herald, 1871 ; Manchester Enterprise, Oct., 1867; Saline Observer, Nov ., 1880. The following from the Ypsilantian shows what our neighbor thinks of this place : Ann Arbor's present healthy growth is the effect of flrst-class schools, general advancement of manufacturing interests and a thorough awaktning to the proper means necessary to the enlargement of its municipal importance. True, it has the liberal income afforded by the university and students, but that is her luck and migbt have been enjoyed by her without the increaseof population now going on. Her high school, her pushing in manufacturing, and other causes our city might afford, aresendingher ona "boom" that will be permanent and beneflcial. The ruilroad helps, but not as much as some suppose. The same effest from that is feit by her retail trade as by our merchants, but the imagined advantage of competition on freights where none exists will help Ann Arbor some. Ypsilanti is a better point by all odds, and soon will be situated upon two great trunk lines, whero advantage in low freight rates will be had if there is such a thing, and goods may be shipped east, west, uorth orsouth, as readily as from Detroit or Jackson, Why can't we do somethiug to show tbis?


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