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The Washtenaw County Fair

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We are glad to know that the business men have taken the matter in hand, and are willing to aid in making the fair next month a success by offering a number of special premiums, independent of course from those mentioaed in the forthcoming premium list. Tuesday evening a Democrat reporter called on a large number of the business men for the purpose of as certaining what they proposed to give, and the result so far as learned we give our re iders. Joe T.Jacobs, tbc clothier, best twoseated carriagc, a $10 suit of clothes. H. J. Brown&Co., druggists, olïur a special premium of the value of $5 to be taken in goods from their store to the winner of a bicycle race, distance 1 raile, best two in three. D. F. Schairer, oue-half dozen hemstitchetí bdkfs for the best worsted and embroi.lered tidy on exhibition. J. W. Hunt, clothes wringer for the best 3 gallon crock of butter. L. Gruner, pair of embroidered slippers for the best variety of grapes. J. C. Watts & Co., best exhibition of femalo equestriauism, a silver cup of the value of $4. Eberbach & Son, druggists, best specimen of penmanship. lady audgent, $2.50 cash to each. Ilutzel&Co., best flock of fine wool sheep, 50 pounds of wbite lead paint. Theo. Taylor, best crock of butter, puir of lady's shoes. Douglas, Heuderson & Co., clothicrs, to the one makiug the s'.owesl lime on a bicycle, distauce 150 yards, a pair of white flanuel tennis. Wincs & Worden, largest and best collection of ilowers and plants in pots, $2; best case of ladies', misses and childreii's shoes, fl; best 3 loaves of hop yeast bread, $1; best display of oil paintings, $1. A. A. Terry, the hatter, proposes to hat up the largest family of boys in the couu ty. Jacob Halier & Son, jewelers, best loaf of bread made by a youug lady lindel 16, an undivided pepper and salt castor. Frank Hangsterfer, heaviest inan uu der 50 years, box of cigars. Wm. Arnold, best pair of pillow case made by a girl under 15 years, $3, to be selected in goods from bis store. Heinzman fc Son, tu the person over 21 years of age of the lightest weig ht, $2.50. A Ttsufel, best yearling colt, embroidered duster. J. H. Reinuardt, best quality of apples, pair of slippers. Dean fc Co., be6t single top buggy manufactured in Ann Arbor, 1 English decorated tea -set, 50 pieces, $G.75. Kocb & Ilaller, furniture dealers, best sofa pillow, a rocking chair. Banmgartner & Bros., best variety of peaches, a lamp; best bushei of potatoes, 1 card receiver. F. G. Schleicher, best variet3'and selection of grapes, 5 pounds of old government Java coffee. Jno. Burg, best 6 balls of Germán cheese, a pair of velvet embroidered lady's slippers. A. Wilsey, music dealer, best lady or gent performer on the piano or organ, uuder 15 years, a violin and bow. A. Kearney, best 10 pounds of butter, 1 pound roles, 5 pounds of choice tea. J. F. Schuh, dealer in hardware and sewing machines, to the couple bom and raised in Ibis county, who will clinib the matrimonial stairs, in olher words united in marnage on the grounds duriug the fair, a $45 Davis sewing machine. Here is an opportuuity wbich should not be lost sight of. Only one chance in a hundred where you can gct a machine for nothing. Bach & Abel, dry goods dealers, to the lady who best executes in silk with the needie, the firm name of "Bach & Abel,'" a white marseilles quilt worth $5. J. F. Hoffstetter, for the best tboroughbred colt, $3. C. Mack, to the boy or girl in the grammar school whose scholarship islhehighest in his class for the flrst three weeks ofthefall term, abookof poems. Mack & Schmid, dry goods dealers, for the best pair of home-male silk mitts, 1 doz. napkins valued at $3.50. Emanuel Mann, druggist, for the best rag carpet 20 yds, $2. E. T. Walker, best 2-ycar-old colt sired by "Black Bob," $8; best yearling colt, sanie sire, $5; best sucklinjj colt, $3. D. Almendinger, an accordion valued at $7 or the best lady pei former on the instrument. C. Walker & Bros., best exhibition of horsemansbip, $5. Chas. Spoor, best display of harnesses, saddles, whips and blankets, $5. A. Ij. Noble, best pair of spring steers broken to yoke, and driven by exhibitor under 14 years of age, a suit of clothe valued at $8.50. Second premium. 6 shirts valued at $5. Chas. Boylan, best pair of Plymouth Rock fowles, a 24 x 30 chromo] of Abraham Lincoln. D. C. Fall, best exhibition of native birds, $2. A. Schaeberle, to any boy or girl 12 years of age or under, speaking the English and Germán languages the most correctly, a $2 whip. Jno. Pfister, best specimen of baking by agirl of 10 years or under, $2.50 bird cage. C. Eberbach, fastest runner, 100 yurds dasli, $5 clothes wringer, or goods to that amount from bis store. H. E. H. Bower, best bushei of Clawson wheat, The Ann Arbor Democu.vt until January lst, 1883. L. J. Liesemer, best bushel of red wheat, The Washtenaw Post until January lst, 1883. Geo. W. Cropsey, for the best gallon of baked pork and beans by any lady in Washtenaw Co., a $2 gold piece. Go m farmers' girls. Prof. J. R. Sage, a $5 violin and bow to any young man undcr 20 ycars of age who will best execute a piecc of music on the instrument. Second premium, gems-jf Ötruiif, to any one, old or youug, who will perform a scientiflc piece of music witlior without nccompanimenl siitisfactory lo the judies. Rinsey & Seabolt, best 'ooklng young lady under 21 years of age the "New Champion" clothes wringer valued at $6. Caspar Rinsey, best bushel of winter apples, 1 pound best tea. G. W. Shier, best crock of balter (one gal) Sept. make, y pounda best Japan tea. As The Democr.vt went to press ihis morninc, the cdnimittee whs slill at worit, aad it is quite probable other announcements will be made next week. Adam D. Seyler, best silk worked sofa spread, pair of Reynolds Bros. fine shoes, 3. C. Bliss & Son, haudsomest baby not over two years of age, a silver cup, $4. C. E. Holmes, druggiat, linest carringe dlivlng horse, box of öO cigars, $3.50.


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