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Bucklín's Árnica Salve. The best si 1 ve i n 1 lie world for Cute, Bruiscs, Sores, Ulcera, Snlt Rheum, Fe ver SoreR, Tetter, Uhapped Hands, Cbilblains, Corns, and ali kinds of skin Eni] tions. 'lilis salve is guarauteed to givr perfect satisfaction in every case or ihmoney refunded. Price 25 cents per box For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Mich. HOVV Tü ÜET BICK. Expose yoursell" dav and aight, eat .oo much without exercise; work too bard without rest; doctor uil the time; take all the vile nostrums advertised: and then you will want to know IIOW TO GET WELL. Which is advertised in three words - Take Hop Bitters. See other column.- Express. A GENERAL -ÍTAMPEDE. Never was such a rush made for any drug store as is now at Eberbach & Sou's for a tria) botile of Dr. King's New Dis covery for con&umption, cougbs and colds. A.H persons aftlicted with asthma. bronchitis, hoarsenoss, severa colds, or any affectiou of tiie throat and linios, can c;et a trial bottle of this great remedy free, by calling at tue above drug store. WIIY WEAR PLASTERS ? Tbey raay relieve, bul tbey cau't cuie that lame back for the kidneys are the trouble, and yon w;mt a remcüy to act directly ou tlieir secretions, to purify and restore their heallhy coodition. KiilnoyWort lias that speciric action - and at the same time it regulates tlie bowola perfectly. Don't wait to get sick, but gut a packnife to-iiay, unrt cure yourself. Éitlier li({uid or dry for sale at the diuggi-jls. - Bingbamtou Republican. An Established Remedy, Downs' Elixir has been widely known and used as a cough remedy for llfty years. No other cough medicine has stood the test half this length of time. Tüc people staud by tbat which is good. Dr. BaxUr's Mundrake Bitters are pure. ly vegetable - the product of the billa and val ley s. Warranted. Henry & Johuson's Árnica and Oil Liniment is warranted to please all who use it. PILES!" PILES! PILES! O A Sure Cure Found at Last.- No one Need Suffer. Asnre cure for the Blind, Bleeding. Itchingand Ulcérate! Files has been discovered by Dr. Williams (an Indian remedy). called Dr. Willianfs ludían Oiii-nieiit. A single box has cured tbe worst chronic casos of 25 and 30 years' standing. No one need suffer five minutes after applying this wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions. Instruments and Electuaries do more harm than good. William's Ointment absortos the tumors, allays the intense itching (particularly at niht after getting warm in bed), acts as a poultice; gives instant and Dainlt'ss relief, and is prepared only for Piles, itching of the private parts, and nothing else, Readwhat the Hon. J. M. Comnberry, of Cleveland, eays about Dr. William's Indian Pile Ointment: I have used scores of pile cures, and it affords me pleasure to say that I have never found anything which gave such hnmediate and permanent relief as Dr. William's Indian PUe Ointment. _ For sale by all druggists, or mailed 011 receipt of price, $1.00. Jas.E. Davis & Co.. Wholesale Druggists, Detroit, Mich., Agents. For sale by H. J. Brown & Oo., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ifyou are a ñmñB Jlfyouarea B ■ V man of BB ■ ened by the strain of V ■ I your duties aToid m nigbt workF to ■ ■ itlmulants and use W torebroinneiTcand ■ I Hop Bitters. ■ waste, une Hop B. If yon aro youna: and I sulfering f rom any I dlsoretiun or iissi]a ■ tion ir you are married or single, oíd or ■ young, suffering f rom poorhealthor lauuish ■mt? on a bed of sickness, roly ou H o p Bitters. Whoever you are. JBrfk Thouswida die anwhecever you teel JT fl nuaUy f r om some that your sysU-m ÚMLJ íonu of Kldney noeds cleanslnff, Sn diseaso that might intr or ntiniulatinff, Hl havo bfenproventod without in toxicat ing, IK1 by a t i m e I y uso of tak e Hop ' HopBitters Bitters. MféM&í Have yoa ZmL prpt.ia, Ai'í)i'lBj O C Stt I HDP z Tou H1 be ■ niTTmn tobáceo. or ■cm red I f y.m uk M I 1 1 III' narcotica. Hop Bitters 11 K f KN ■ ullll-llu Soldbydnmrfowstiintcd.try 9 NtVtn Circular. likveyuïl TA II bo-bhtkes 1 1 f e . It has I I A I L rpa co■ aaved M Rothir, s. t. ■ ■ drods. S&I m aToronto, Out. MRS. LYDIA E. PiNKHAM. OF LYNN, MASS. 'JbSBk 'aEn! lHBtB DISCOVERER OP LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE C0MPOÜND. The Poaitive Curo For all Female Complaints. ThJspreparatlon, as lts name siifniflou, consista ot Vegetable Properties that are harmlcsa to the most dolIcatelnvalid. Upon one trial the merita of this Com pouod wlll be rocognlzed, as relief is immcdlato ; and when lts use Is continucd, in ninety-nine cases in a hun. dml,aperfn&nentcurciBeffectetf,a.sthousandR will testtfy. On account of its proven merlts, it is to-day r&commendod and prescrJbed by tho best phyeicians in the country. It will euro entlrely tho worst form of fftlling of the uterus, Leucorrhcea, irregular and painful Menstruation, all Ovarían Troublcs, Inlianimatlon and l'lceratlon, Flooiilngrt, all Displacement and the con■equent splnal weakness, and ia especially adaptod to the Chango of Ufe. It will dissolvo and expol tumors from tho utórusin an early stage of developmont. Tho tendency to cancerous humora thro la checked very speedily by lts use. In Í ext i t has provw! to bo the frreatest and beet remedy that has ever been discovered. It permeates every portion of the system, and givea new llfeand vigor. It removes falntnesa.flatulency, destroys all cravlng for stünulants, and relieves woakness of tho stomach It euros Bloatlng, Ileadaches, Kerrous Prostratlon, General Debility, HMptamm, Depression and Indigestión. That fecling of bearing down, cnusing pain, weight and baokache, Is always penuanently cured by lts use. It will at all times, and underall Ciro u instances, act In haruiony with the law that governs the female system . For Kldney Compl&tntH of elthc-r wei tbiscompound is uniurpassüd. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I prepared at 233 and 235 Western Avenue, Lynn. Mass. Price $1.00. Six bottles tor 95.00. Sent by mail in the form of pills, alaointhe form of Txzenges, on recelpi of price, $1.00. per box, for either. Mrs. PLVKHAM f reely answers all letters of inquiry. ik'nd for pamphk't. Addrcsü aü abOW Meittiun t$tis pajMr. No famlly hould hv without LYDIA E. PINKHAM' LI VER PILLS. Tbey cure CoiiHtipation, úiliousness and Torpiu. ty of the LJver. 'Lb cenU iwr box. Sold by C. E. Holmes Cook hotel block. I GRAND OPENING I Ypsllanti Opera House, for the scason of 1881-1882, by the Favorite Amercaa Actress, Miss Kate G-lassford, Supported by the popular actor Mr. T.F. EGBERT, And apowerful dramatic company. wednesday, september 7, i88i, Dion Boucicoult's charming comedy-drama LEID ASTEAY THUS9DAY. SEPT. 8, Alexaiider Diunas1 masterpiece CANIILLE. Eacli play will be presented with appropriate scenery. gorgeous toilets, etc. PRICF.S: 35, 50 and re cts. Seats for sale at E. Samson'a Drug Store aDd may be secured by Telephone.


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