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To tlie Editor of the Ann Arbor Demoorat : We noticed the remark made by you two or three weeks ago, wlien spuaking of a suit pending against tbe keeper of the county poor house, on complaint of a pauper, "that perhsps an investigation Sy the Supervisors was called for, Sic." Though fullj' iware that said suit was purely vexatious and without causes, yet we are sorry it has beeD discontinued. We hoped the trial even of such a cause in a puD√úc mauner, might tend to a better understaading of county house mauagement. But having failed of this poor opportunity for investigation, weask the use of your columns to say that both keeper and superintendents welcome investigation. lt is not the duty of the superin;endents to point out to the 3upervisors their duties, uor do we complain of them as neglectiug their official work. Yet we Selieve, if the supervisors would so arrange among themselves, that, during every month in the year, two or three of ;hem should tnake au informal and unlieralded visit and inspection of the poor house and premises, it would give a practical knowledge, valuable to them and ;heir constituents, and render harmless mucli idle gossip which from time to time jets afloat. We want to have them come it their own convenience and with no no tice of their coming, so as to flnd everything in work-day dress, and not in holiday attire prepared for formal review. We throw out this suggestion now, be"ore their annual meeting, and hope they will think so kindly of it as that we may see them, or some of them during every sart of the year, and not as now, only at heir usual and formal annual visit.


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