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A special meeting of the council was leid at eleven o'clock Tuesday morning, for the purpose of taking action on the death of president Garfield. In the absence of mayor Ka pp, who is n New York, Aid. Besimer was called tothechair. Mr. Besimer said that the council had been convened for the pur pose of making suitable arrangements, and to invite the citizens to attend in a xdy the funeral obsequies of the late James A. Garfield. A nation is to-day xwed down with grief, for a great and jood man has fallen, üeath, the great winged messenger, has emancipated a noble president and a truly good man. The city attorney, who had been in structed to prepare suitable resolutions, Dresented the following, which were adopted : Whbreas, The great national calamity, which the peoüle have for mouths hoped aud prayed might be averted, has at last come upon us in the death of our late president, James A. Garfleld, whose long suffering elicited the sympathies of both continents, and whose death is this day moarned by the whole world, therefore Resolved, That we, the common council of the city of Ann Arbor, recommend that the citizens of this place display from their business houses fit emblems of mourning, and otherwise duly observe the nation's loss until the funeral obsequies are closed. Resolved, That upon the day that shall be designated as the funeral day of our late president, the several religious societies are requested to hold union services and that the civil authorities, the military and fii e companies and the several socielies and organizations sl thia city, are requested to form in procession and attend the funeral services at euch place as may be hereafter designated. Resolved, That mayor John Kapp, T. J. Keech, W. D. Harriman, Jaoob F. Schub, and Joe T. Jacobs be appoiuted a committee of arrangements, and that represeutatives and organizations of this city are requested to report to and confer with this committee. The council chamber was draped in mourning, and buuting was suspended from the windows. The committee met in the afternoou and it was decided to hold memorial services in the Presbyterian church, and extend an invitatiou to Judge Cooley to deliver the address. Co!. Dean was appointed marshal of the day. There hangs in the center window of the Courier office, a picture of the lamentcd president trimmed with bunt ing. Ferdinand Riski was sent to Ionia yesterday for six months. Edward tíiin mons got fonr months. Vagrancy was the charge.


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