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Governor Jerome's Appeal For Aid

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f At the time of the forest dres, GoH lerouie was in the upper península in 9 ipectinga MCtionof the Marquett. ' :inaw railroad, and beyond. thtl reach of telegrapHicconainuriiCHtionsM Vs bood as be beard of the disaster, ! É returned to Detroit, issued a proclama-I :ioii, aud then Btarted at onca to thtB borned district : umke a pei-sonal ut lection. The fuiluwing is nis proclamation1 To the i-eople of the cnited States. Portions of four counties of this state lying principally between - naw Bay and Lake Huron have been it-vastated by forest üres. A drought, iltnost unprecedented in this section of the country, had prepared the way fox this calaioity, and housen, barns, enees, crops, i gricultural implenients, household funiiture, clothing and human life have been ilestroyed by its ravage3. In some townstaipe V lestnictiüii is complete, andonlya nicture of ruin is left. It is tmow that lore than 200 lives have bseu lost by urning and suffocation. liaoy indiiduals have become helpless ihrough ñjoriea and exposure, and soiae are jtind. The nuniber oL' men, women ui'l childreu left without shelter is T: itfd at l."),000. The benevolente of tbd citizens of liis State responded promptly to ün-. irst necessities of these alllieted eo Ie, bat ampie time has now elapsed and suflieient details have been received to make it evident tnat a wider app aeeded. The destitution prevailing in the niffering counties isappalling. Entire neighborhoods are involved in a com-B nioii calamity and cannot help eachl other. The sufferers liave 110 provis-1 ions, exeept; such M are brought fromj i distance, and no utensils to cookl witli. The necessaries of life, bothfl arge and small, have been destroyed.l Fhey need shelter, dothing, shoes.jj cooking stuvt-s, kilclien ntei beds and bedding; wagons, liar-S . plows, hoes, tools of all k seed for future crops, and whateveri Mips to make men self-supporting.l Fhey have a good soil, aie near to markets, and before this dreadful dia befell them, were a thrifty and prosspeople. Timelyhelp will enable them to go through the hardships of tlis coming winter, and to become again au independent cominunity. At pres ent thej are pemiiless, needy. sullenng, uiany of them in deur. I apneal under circamstancee like e to the generosity of the people of ijther ind aak t: -opérate, in their abundance, with tlie citiof Michigan in relieving this titution. Xothing wiiibe wauting hcre in dutyl ti) the artlicted Boffurers, bui V.m demanda are too great for the peoplfi oi this SUite to meet alone. An oiganiza:ion for the relief of the sufferers b_ te lires exists at Detroit, the commercial metropolis of the State, and oa of relief have been ■stablished. Thecomniittee having them in charge is composed of well-known, coxipetent uid responsible citizens. Monay and suppiies sent to its Chairman, Ilon. '.Vin. G. Thompson, Mayor oí Detroit, will be faithf ully applied. DA Vil) IL JEROME. Governor. Hxecutiv Office, Lansing, Mich., September 15, 1681.


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