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HENRY MATTHEWS, EIas:the pltasure to tnform the pubdc that ) ready to receiTo thoiu in hisnew bricfc MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOU SE. Everything in his line wia be flrst-class, and At Reasonab!e Rates. Ho returns nis sincero thanks to all his old cusomi-ra fortheir gentrous patronado and cordl illy nitt them, and all new customers 10 bis quartcrs, wbere ha hopes by fair dealing to his already groing business. 3 ám ííew IIlustra' JJmB Xo. 30, for r F FallandWinter of 1881. Free to any address. Contaiiis full description of all kiruh of goods for personal and family use. We deal directly with the consunK;r, and sell all roods in any quantity at vholcsale priccs. You can buy better and cheauer than at home. ; ÍÍNTGOMERY WARD & CO. 5t2T . .' jhash Avene,Cliicago,l IL FRED SORG, Dealer in Ipaints, oilsjaiishes BHUSHES, WIRUOW GLASS, I tod all Paintere' Supplies of the B6t Quality SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington :st. AXH ARBOB. - "GAN. rinseyXseabolt No 6 and 8 Washington st., llave on band a complete stock of everyttdüg intlie Grocery LineTtiey buy their Toas, Coffecs, aud Sugars In large amounts, and at CasIbL Prioes And can seli at Low Figures. The large invoice of Teas thy Bty and Sell, is c good pruof tiú.1 in Qjility and Price they Give Bargains. They Uoast their own Ooffees every week, a:K' uone but prime articles are used. Thiir Bakeryturns out excellent Bread, CUM and Crackers. Cali and see them. jackson ure clay ca Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND-TDJElJk.TJÏT TILE. Afl nur Drain Tïïe are made of Ftre Clay, are f Mitwwfll wHPftiicth and iiulit weiyht. whicb maie breaLage aud expense of tnmgportatfcra. Tlie ditchins for thísclass of tilingisílessexperí sive, as they do not recjuirc to e laid belowfrosl, but only deén enougli to escapa the plow, WhilPthittis inore eeonomical it also aitls in obtainingia better ' fall" orgTaüeto the drain. A f uïl assortment of all sizes, for sale Ín small quantitíes orear load lots, atba FERDON LÜBBBR YÁEB. Ji. TOLBERT, A(tem. In. h. downs' VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR Isa sure cure for Cough, Coliis, Whooping-Cough, and all Lung Diseases, when taken ia beason. People die of coubuiiiptiot. simplv because oí neglect, when the timely use of tm rexed would have cured them at unce. rifly-onc ycttrs ot constant use provea tr. fact that no cough teméáy Lu stood the test liUDstoni' L.tizir. Pric ibc. ñx. iiC #1.1 peí bottle. tur - re. Dr. Baxter's Mandrake SS ITTE liíí Will curt Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Indigestión, and all dueles arising frorn Biliousnes. Pnce $ per bottle. I Fui -.. ENfryhfre. IIK.VK1 ii. JO1I.VSO.VS ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENT for .lian and Beast. The most perfect liniment ever compounded. Price -5c. and 50c. For S-il Knq ; J [CMcago i Westera BAI LWAY S . OU'E-TI BEST '■ '.--■i.: ■ Ileadimtg railway. OFTHÍ- - WESI' AND HOETHWEST! I 't Isme ihort and best ro-.:I aüpoir.tiin I :t:-.t. Kiz:7.:. KM, ItooU, Wras-:il ftv...--. - ., hOOTTCIL 3LÜFF3, OMa DENVER, LEADVTLLE, halt Lake, San Francisco I)L.IDWOÖD, Sior.v CXTT, ! :ilj, Stlfcii!3, :::--:-:. r-i sV. r ::;■.. .riloiM, ssdtteWMt. a:-:. ::■!. iiíiOTna, Jíir;;--.3, í:-í :, irei, ei::. ":. Pasl SCsie;;-.; ■ '". '.:&, Bitainï, T:z:u.. U:::jss, C7a.js' ilfdatla JCiawa, Cilou, TiKJuái;at. """'" AtConncil HnfiS the trajnscf tbe Cliicoco t. Western and tlie C. V. R'depar: ive at and use the same joint l nion Depot. At Chicago, draeeonne&ionsaremade wit' Ate ShorlJiciiiíraaCc.itral.BaltiniüreioVi :. w.iviie md Pennsylvania, ami Chica írandTrunkK'ys.aad tüü Kunlnitee aWii'.. Jandie Routes. Ciosc connecüons made at JuacBoo Po:n' s the onïy line runnig Pullman Hotel Dining (W 3HICAÖO AND COüNCIL BLUPvPULLMAN SI.EEfKBSOS ALLITIGirTTH ■, v. "" In-Stupon Ticket Agi-:its cel iatBisroad. Ijtamüieyo;:: i liuy if tiiey do nut read verü tiu -temRaalway. If youwishthe B traveünAccoaimotb-u wül buy your tickets bf Üiis route, a i , akenoneother. AU Bokst Agente sell Tickets by this lin lUKViy m cm i i, Ssi V. f . 6 tel Jütfr. flilcjgj.


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