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John B. Gough And His Cigars

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A good story is told of John B. Gough, who used to eaution his bearen igaiust intemperance - including the babit of chewing and smoking tobáceo, :- well as the use of strong drinks. Although he liad faced thousands of immense audiences without fear, heacknowledge3 that on one occasion he eneountered au embarassment lie could not eaaify overeóme. It was his awx fuult, he says, and proved a useful lesson whlch he neverforgot. In bisovu wOrds: I was engaged to address a Urge number of clnldren in the after-i noou, the meeting to be held on thd lawn, back at the Baptist chureb. In the forecoon a friend met me and aften a few words said 'J have some tirstJ rate cigars, will you have a few?" Xo, I thank you." 'Io take a hall dozen.' 'I have nowhe.e to put thera.Yeu can put half a dozen inyour poeki et.' I wore a cap in those days, and tol please him I put the cigars into it, and Iit the appointed time I went to thej meeting. I ascended the platform andl faced an audience of more than 2,00 j children. As it was out of doori I keptj my cap on for fear of táking colil, ain'! in the excitementof my remarks againstl lorming bad habits, 1 forgot all aboutl Llie cig.irs. Toward the close of myl -.ffili I became more in earnest, antll ifter warning the boys against baol mpany, tobáceo, drink, bad luibit.-l and the bar-room aatowm, [said: 'Xow.I boys, let us give Utree rouaing cheen-i for temperance in all things. Xow.l then. t!:ree cheers. Huirah!' d taking off my cap I murta v.m most vigorously, when awuv went thtH .igars right into the midst of the audi ■ . The remaining cheers werevenB faint, and were neariv drowned in.iLtB laughter of the erowd. I was rnortinööj md ashanml, and should Iiave btvi ■ rt-lieved couid I havo sunk throug i tnH orm .ut of Btgbt My ieelmgB rt-erestill moro uggnivated W M oming up to the Btepa oí the pUtiuni ■ .vith one of those dreadful dgaiA mj ■ ■Hare is one of your ciga:, mm iough.' ■


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