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Real Estate Transfers

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a, ïhe followiug are the transfers of real estáte for the week ending Wednesday, October 12: WARRAUTY DEEÜS. Jno. C. Taylor to Mary V. Cook, lot in Chelsea, $550. Roxy M. Wilkinson to F. D. Cuinings, property ín Chelsea, $4,000. ÏIjos. Wilkinson to F. D. Cumings, propertv in Chelsea, $5,000. Win. F. Andrés to Mary Ann Jager, property in Dexter, $1,200. Jno. W. and Ella Olcott to Daniel R. Dell, 90 acres sec 7 Augusta, $3,800. J. M. Carpenter to B. F. Gooding, 36 acres sec 21 York, $400. Marian R. Crum to Wru. Clark, 40 acres sec 11 Dexter, $300. O. E. Gooding to li. E. Douglas, 7 1-2 acres sea 13 York, $675. Bridget A. Denehy to Ellcn Gillespie, lot in Dexter, $650. Roxana Bailey to Jno. Bailey, 1 acre sec 1 York, $350. Jno. Bailey to Thos. Shaw, 1 acre sec 31 York, $300. Jno. Thornton to Matthias Straight, 10 acres sec 5 Ypsilanti, $1,000. Hugh Tate to Sarah A. Parker, 40 acres sec 22 York, $550. Geo. G. Needharn to Ezra O. Parker, land in sec 22 York, $800. Jno. Thornton to Mathias Stris;nt, lot in Ypsilanti, $1,000. T. R. Amsden to Anna M. Mozart, lot in Ann Arbor, $1,025. Edward ïreadwell to Wm. Clark, 36 acres sec 13 Ann Arbor, $1,500. Geo. A. BeGule to Dora A. BeGule, 120 acres Sylvan, sec. 26, $4,500. Wm. H. Arnold to Thos. J. Brooke, land in sec. 3, Lima, $750.