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Odd And Even

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"It'í very odd!" Said Farmer Todd, A younsr and healthy and handsome fllow, As lio idly gazed Vvhere the cattle grazsd la tbe pastare meadow so rich and mellow. "I have barns well filled, 1 1 we land well tilled, Aud a house of iny own that's oruamented With books and toys That aman enjoya; Yet, oddly enough, I am discontented! 'There are none near by Quite as rich as I; Yet oft I envy iny poorest neighbor Whose childien and wift So sweeten his life And cheer htm on to his daily labor. "It's rery odd," Said Farmer ïodd, As hecaught a limpse of bis neighboi's ]tiu;,hter Jua!, itot the edge üf tii i lilac hedfjo Where she at ivviiinht was wont to lolter. Hejoinedher there, Aud the rnral pair Discimrsfid awhile of the crops aud wealher; "I was thinking of you," He said, as the two At a turn in tho walk camecloser togcther; " 'Tis a lonely life I load; anda wlfe I need, and dear ones for whom to labor- I'or the heart deuiands More than house and landB!" " Tb cvou so!" said his blushing neighbor. "It's very odd," Said Fiirmer Todd, With a roguish anille, "that so long we've tarriod; To the parsonage near Let usgo, mydear!" And in that odd fnsh'.on the two were tnarried.


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