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Death Of Dr. Holland

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Dr. J. G. Ilolland, editor, poet and critie, died suddenly of heart disease at his residence in New York on the 12th inst. Dr. Josiah Gilbert Holland was bom at Belchertown, Mass., July 24, 1819. He graduated at Berkshire medical college, Pittsfield, and practiced medicine three years. For some time he was an editor at Springüeld, Mass., and for one year was superintendent of schools at Vicksburg, Miss. In 1849 he became associate editor of the Springfleld Republican, a position he held some 17 years. His tat appearance as an author was in 1855, when he published a "History of Western Massachusetts" in two volumes, and his flrst novel, "ïhe Bay Tath," was given to the public in 1857. From this time to his death he waa a proliflc writer, his works following each other in rapid succession and including essays, stories, poems, biographies and nearly all classes of literature. For some years he published under the name of "Timothy Titcomb," a nom de plume by which he is even iiow more widely known than by his real name. In 1870 he became the editor of Scribner's Monthly and to hisskillful management and valuable contributions the remarkable success of that magazine is largelydue. The aggregate sale of his books is believed to exceed the circulation of the writings of any other American author, amounting to over 500,000 copies. A revisión and reissue of the whole series has just been announced. Beside his literary ;ifts Dr. Holland was a man of rare social and moral qualities, and his inluence, especially over the young, was far reaching. He leaves a widow, two young daughters and a sen.


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