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i branch for defensivo purposes, as Jiusoedidon finding himself on an uninown island, wonld be one of the hst acts of primitive man. A rude upport of tliis Icind would soon be folowed by tlie pilgrim's staff, familiar o us in pictures of the patriarchs; aud 'rom these eaiiy staves down to the gold-headed cañe of our modern dandy, what a variety of walking-sticks have been produced, according to the fancy and fashion of the time. Wlien, in 1701, footmen attending gentlemen veré forbidden to carry swords, those quarrelsome weapons were usually replaced by a porter's stafE "with a large silver hanále," as it was then described. Thirty years later, gentlemen of fashioH began to discard their swords and to carry large oak sticks with great heads, and ugly faces carved thereon. Befo re very long, a competition aróse between long and short walking-sticks, some gentlemen liking them as long as leaping-poles, as a satirist of the day tells us; while ethers preferred a yard of varnished cañe "scraped taper, bound at one end with wax thread, and tipt at the other with a neat turned ivory head as big as a silver penny." - Chamber's Journal. "My ' in dis life," said an aged colored individual, "has taught me dat de man wlio swaps mules vvid iris eycs sliut am sartin to get the wust of it. Brudderly feeling goes a good ways in case of sickness or wamt, or do th, but it seldom reaches down to a hoss trade. If I war buyin' a mulé of a man I liad knowed nll rny life, I should begin at the hoofs and look that animile ober cl'ar up to de point of his no-e. 1 shouldn't 'speet him to teil me dat he had filed down any teef or put tied over any hoof cracks. My advice am not to lie or deceive in tradin' mules, but to answer as few queshuns as you kin, au' seem sort o' keerlcss whedder your offer am 'cepted." A woman in Chicago has twodivorce suits on hand. She sets forth that she took a man's word for it that her lirst husband was dead, and married the informant. She afterward learned that lipr lirst husband had not died, bul, had married another woman. She now seeks a divorce f rom him ontheground of violation of the marriagé contract, and from her second husband on the plea that her marriage with him was illcgal. A wealthy man, displaying one, day his jewels to a philosopher, the latter saiti: "Thank you, sir, for being will'mg to share sueh tnagnifioent jewels with me." "Share them with you, :ir? Whut !o you incan?" "Why, you allow me to l(io! at ihem; and what more can yon do with them yourself?" -ln a railroad collision the other day a young lady's old-style bonnet was crushed and dunled in se venteen different places. She took it home, put a Qower and tvvo yards of ribbon on it, aiid uow has a bonnet of the latest style, worth eleven dollars and a half. Poverty is hard, but debt is horrible. V man might as wcll have a smoky house and a scolding wife, which are said to be ihe two worst evils of. our 1


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