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Mr. D. II. Williams, secretary of the Michigan flre relief committee of Pitsburgh, Va.., has returned from a thorough inspection of tlie burnt district, le travelled nearly 100 miles, viewing .he state of the country and minjjling with the people. He says: I have )een present at the distribution of sup)lies, and have seen aud conversed with the people at the stations and at heir farms, and there is general satis"action with the marnier of distribution and nnbounded gratitude to the donors. The wheat U everywhere green above ,he ground, making their hearts tranquil as to the future. I have found cranks and malcontenta, but all sensi)le people admit the relief has been prompt and efficiënt. The f iet that planting time had already arrived when the Ores occurred, uid that there is now a larger acreage shown than ever before is the best evidence of the efficiency of the comnittees. There are no fences, but the erop is in no danger of being destroyed jy roving cattle. A little watchiag and an abundance of green grass will jrotect the wheat f or the present. The extent of land under improvement was ïot anticipated by me, and the most as,onishing fact was, that with such an area of improved land so much destruc;ion was possible. It is rare to see so much good farming land in one body as exists in this región. To sura up, my observations lead me to believo that there has been a widespread destruction of property, a great oss of human lite and a vast number of people requiring relief, thrown upon ;he charity of the country, The committee, of which Ex-Senator Baldwin is chairman, will soon be in possession of complete statistics, which will enable it to determine to what extent Curthez contributions will be required. The trust so far has been faithf ully and economically administered. There nis been a perfect understanding bejween the agents on the ground and, so far as I could learn, cases of duplicaron and errors have been few.


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