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The city band will furnish music field day. The new enginc for Saline arrivedMonday, A. J. Sawyer is expected home this week. Justice Freuauff has a telephone in his office. Geo. Lovejoy tbinks of locating in Boston. Petitt had his case adjourned again Tuesday. The escaped prisoners have not been heard from. Chas. B. Woodward is to be clerk at tbc St. James. JeH Bavis got 8 votes for janitor, und Mr. Honon 17. Geo. Pond will move his family to Caro next week. There are 2G patients in the homeomilbic hospital. The homeopaths had the largest clinic yesterday f or }'ears. An American silver dollar of the date of 1804 is worth $500. Aid. McOmber has located for the winter at lowa City, Iowa. The university foot ball team play Havard and Yale next week. Justice Granger's bill for $87.03 was allowed without a scratch. Mr. Horton will be janitor of the court house for the coming year. In one block on Washington Street there are 22 lady students. J. Ö. Earls will run a ten cent express in connection witn his bus. Halier & Son will move into their new store about the 25th of Oct. The funeral of tbc late Gen. Hill was held yesterday at 10 o'clook. The sale of the Buchoz property has been indefiaitely postpoued. Ebeibach & Son will soon commence work in their new laboratory. Jno. Shier has rented a store aud will open a meat maiket in Saline. A large number of palients are in un;versity hospital for treatrnent. Mrs. Jno. Braun of the third ward feil and broke her hand Saturday. Jno. J. Walker shipped a number of ferrets to South Carolina Tuesday. It will take several days to put the finishing touches on the opera house. The estáte of Cora A. Burkhaidt was closed Tuesday in the probate court. Advertisements mtended forTHE Democrat should be in by Monday night. Alben Lohr and Miss L. M. Shutts, of Spring street, were married yesterday. Chauncey H. Niles who escaped from jail last week was captured in Wayne. Peter Cook is acting supervisor in place of supervisor Blakeslee, of York. Re vs. Cocker, Steele and George offlciated at the funeral of Mrs. Alabaster. C. J. Whitney, of Detroit sent a brand new piano for the opeia house Tuesday. The Daily News is a little inclined to be democratie. It crops out uow and then. We have had all kinds of weather the past week, rain, sunshine and- more rain. The Brighton Citizen showed sufficient enterprise to publish a daily during the fair. The result of the Ohio eleition didn't surprise us a bit. Just as we expected of course. A young man feil from the temporary bridge leading to the flfth ward Mouday evening. Geo.Albrecht who was up for beating his wife, was let off by justice Freuauff Tuesday . Mrs. Seraphina Tomasi of Detroit, is the mother of 25 children, 18 sons and 7 daughters. The late Gen. G. D. Hill commanded the third brigide of the state inilitia at an early day. The receipts of the fair were $2,000. There will be a few dollars left after paying premiums. Deputy sheriff Fred Wallace has gone to Trenton to look for the escaped prisoner Jaurnette. Another "stifE" consigned to demonstrator Hcrdman was received by express Monday night. T. D. Horton who was elected janitor of the court house, set up the cigars to the supervisors. fc Prisoners in the jail don't like the idea of being coinpelled to do chores, so they get up and get. E. B. Gidley went into the country Tuesday night to make au arrest, but his man had skipped. Prof. King went up in a balloon some days ago froin Chicago, and they are now looking for his reniains. Geo. II. Vinsldw who has been janitor of the court house the past year, bas moved to the flfth ward. A crayon portrait of Prof. Frothingham was on exhibition at Watts' jewelry store the first of the week. Mrs. Judge Ilarriman with otherladies visited her sister Mrs. Hobbs, of Milan, last week, so says the Sun. One-half of the loss sustained by the Wushtenaw mutual insurance company last year was prior to Oct. 15. Prof. Maclean who his been confined to the house for several days with a severe cold, was able to be out yesterday. Mayor Kapp should offer a reward for the apprehension of the parties who have been teariug down the street signs. Every bed in the homeopathie hospital is occupiei, and three cots had to be puup in the office Tuesday evening for paj tients. Patrick Kennedy has the best shot gun in the city. It was only a few days ago that he killed a chicken at a distance of 30 rods. Prof. Franklin has only resigned the deanship of the homeopathie college, not the professorsh!p,as some of our exchañges had it. The executive committee of the agricultural society, to the number of a dozen met Saturday, but didn't transact much business Steamboata have been introduced into tbc grand canal of Venice and thus perishes the romance of the góndola and gondolier. The friends of the late Rev. C. H. Brigham residing in Boston, have purchased a $1,800 organ tor the new Uni" tarian church. Alfred Thomas, who has been working in lt. Clemens for the past 14 months, has returned to the city and will be cook at the St. James. R. A. Beal, it is said is in favor of a new postofflce building just west of the Gregory house, and it is safe to say it will be built. David Depew, of Pittsfield, will write up the history of those who die during the coming year in his township for the pioneer society. The first entertainment for the year of the Hahnemanian society was giveu last evening in the aniphitheatre of the homeopathie college. Policeman Millman and Porter and detective Mauly went to Ionia yesterday withthree prisoners, Jno. Morgan.. C H. Niles and Jno. N. Woolven. The Unitarian state conference convened at East Saginaw Tuesday, and will close to-day. Rev. J. T. Sunderland of this place is attending. The Hiirmony society of Pennsylvania has authorized Prof. Baur who is now in Huron county, to give what he may deern necessary to the relief ïor the flre sufferers. Supervisor Kobison in presenting Jeff Davis' claims for tbe janitorship of the court house made a neat little speecb, setting íorth his qualifications for the position. Justice üranger purchased a cord of wood Thursday, and when he retired at night forgot to lock the wood-shed door. The next morn .ng he had scarcely enough lefl to build a flre. D. B. Green was reelected one of .the supcrinteudents of the poor, and Albert Case, of Manchester, to ÜU the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Feldkamp. Case ís a gieeubacker, Green a republican. J. J. Eilis who has been couñned to his bed for two months, is able to set up a few hours a day, and his recovery is only thought to be a matter of time. His niauy friends wiü bo pleased to see him arouud again. We would cali the attention of our readers to the chango of advertisement of Joe ï. Jacobs aud his grand sale of underwear which begius to-day. Mr. Jacobs inaugurated this plan last year, and the people know what he means. It is proposed to divide up Idaho terri. tory, aud cali one half Lincoln and the other Garfleld. Their names could not be better perpetuated than in the geography of the country in whose service they lost their Uves.- [Toledo Journal. A little racket between aa alderman, and a prominent Germán, a member of the reform club took place yesterday in front of the opera house. The question of the veracity of each was brought into dispute, and each was conüdent he could prove the other a liar. Two hotel registers, which were important witnesses for the people, in the Hall murder case at Pontiac, and were left in one of thevaults of the court house, have been spirited away. The name of Dr. Hall was on those books - one beiug the register of the Cook house of Ann Arbor, the othcr that of the Barnes house at Lansing. - [Exchange. The late Gapt. Chaffee was insured for $2,000 in the Hillsdale coinpany. His wife deserted him, hia friends took him from the pickling vat, and had him decently buried, and now Mrs. Chaffee puts in her claim for the insurance. Of course she is entitled to the money, but how much better it would look if she would reimburse those who subscribed to bury her husband. Articles of agreement for a canine match were drawn up and signed Monday night. The celebrated pure white "Chicago Billy" of Saline, was matched, giving or laking a pound, against a noted dog namsd "Hadger" fromPittsburg.Pa., at present owned in Jackson, for $500 a side. They are reported to be two of the finest dogs that ever met in the pit. The match is occasioning much interest in sporting circles. Fat Rooney and the Harry Miner combination of specialists gave an enjoyable entertainment at Whitney's opera house Tuesday night. An unusually numeroua audience bestowed upon the performers the most generous applause, and as for Pat Roonoy himself - Salvini never excited such ebullient delight, and he was called back many times. ïruly he is the only Pal Rooney. The general make-up of the show is creditable.- Free Press. Postmasters have recently received authority from the postoflice departmeut to correct misdirected letters, when personal knowledge enables them to do so, and for ward them to their destination, instead of sending them to tbe dead letter office as has been the custom in the past. This will not only be the means of causing, in a great many cases, the speedy transmission of obscurely directed letters, but will also greatly decrease the business in the dead letter office. The citizens of the fifth ward have just reason to complain because the bridge at Swift's mili is not finished. Somebodi is responsible for the delay - if the bridge builders, let them be held responsible To coinpel Swift & Co., the Ann Arbo agricultural Co., and the proprietors o the Northern brewery and others to go two miles out of their way to dclive goods is an outrage. Perhaps the coun cil is waiting for the river to freeze u; before finishing the bridge. The following ia the program of fiel( day sports which comes off next Satur day: Morning session, 9 a. m., 10 mil walk; 9.05, one hour go-as-you-please 9.10, boxing; 9.40, collar and elbow wrestling; 10.25 throwing sledge; 1] qua.ter niile run; 11:15, throwing bas ball; 11.30, standing broad jump; 11.45 Indian club swinging; 12, drop kick Afternoon session, 2 o'clock, runnin high jump; 2.15, sack race; 2.30, tug o war, '84 vs '85, 15 men ; 3, horizontal bar 3.30, 100 yards dash; 3.45, one mile run 4, fencing; 4.45, bicycle race; 5, consola tion race; 5.15, distribution of prizes. Gov. Jerome, in referring to the raisin of a fund " for the erection of a monu ment over the grave of the late Jas. A Garfield," invites the co-operation of th treasurers of each county in the state t act as receiving agents of all contribution for the above object made within thei respective counties. In order to have tate record of these contributions, Gen. Benjamin D. Pritchard, stilte treasurer, Lansing, is designated to be the central treasurer, to whom remitlances, with lists of the names of the donors, can be made by cach county treasurer. Gen. Pritchard will forward free of cost all moneys so donated, and will be authorizert to reeeipt for such remittances on behalf ot thu Cleveland coniiniuee to the donors through the proper channels. It is expected tuis commendable undertaking will meet with a generous response trom the people of Michigan. Next Weduesday eveuing, Oct. 20, Ann Arbor people will have a chance to hear the best musical treat ever olïered anywhere in America or Europe. This is the Kellogg concert company, consisting of six stars of world-wide i'ame. Clara Louisa Keüogíí as soprano; Sig. Brignuli, thegreat teaor; Miss Alta Pease.a charniing young contnlto; Sig. TagUapietra who is by all means the best baritone ia the world; Herr Leibliug, pianist aud T. Adamow&ke tke young polish violinist. The Lecture association have been to a gieat expense to secure the above cotnpauy aud their eftorts certainly deserte the patronage of the citizeus aud studente, especialiy when such talent can be heard for 75 cents which in olher places would cost $1 to $1.50 a ticket. Heserved seats will be opea for sale Öaturday moroiog at 9 a. m. at Brown's drug store and ut Moore's book store on State Street. We adviseall to secure their seats early as the sal prouiises to be lively. H. R. Hill received a telegram frora Yauktou, Dakota territory Salurday, announcing the death of his father, Gen. Geo. D. Hill, of heart disease. Gen. Hiü was boru in lleath, Mftss,, sixty-four years ago. He canie to this place in 1842 and engaged in the dry goods business withoue Fitch of Öyracuse, N. Y., uuder the flrm uame of Hill & Fit ;h. They did au immense business for several years. At this early day the village was at a standstill, but il was given uew Ímpetus by the general, wlio built a number of fine houses in difïerent parts of the city. As early as 1850 he purchised the "old Exchange" ou Main street. The building was destroyed by fire in April 1870. Geu. Hill soon after commeuced the erectiou of the opera house which was dedicated a year later. It was duriug' the admiuistration of PresiJent Lincoln, and at the earnest solicitation of Senator (Jhaudier that Mr. Hill was appointod surveyor genend of Dakota territory, which position he ably filled for several years. No man did more to build up the city than Gen. Hill. Some years ago he went to reside with a sister, Mrs. Hopkins, m Washington, D. C, and it was only occasionaliy that he returned to his old home. Mr. HUI eaves a wife and fourchildrun, two girls nd two boys. At the time of his death e had gone west on railroad business. His remains were brought trom the west liunday afternoon.


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