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The Art Loan Exhibition

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Iu mentiomng the art loan exhibition the News says: The exhibition is ia the new chapel which is, a very neat specimen of architecture, and the interior has been made exceedingly attractive by the deft flngers of the ladies who have charge of the affair. Near the entrance is placed the booth for the exhibition of bric-a-brac, where among other things is a valuable collectiou of exquisite jewelry. Near by is a very handsome urn on a salver, both made of beaten brass. Here are also many beautiful mantle ornaments of bronze and gold. Next in order is the needie work. The most noticeable article here is a eradle spread, worked in Kensington stitch. In the book and paper bootk are many rare and valuable books. Dr. Jones' collection is especially worthy of notice. The title page of one reads as follows: "The Histori of Man sucked from the sappe of the most approved anatnomists in this present age." Date 1587. There is a medical work 450 years old, writen in pen ani ink upon parchinent and in the most beautiful clear Germán text. A copy of Plutarcli's Lives, printed in 1657, oue of the works of Séneca, printed in 1614, and other books bearing aates 1706 1651, 1302 and 1578, complete the list. At the end of the hall is a recess for the singers completely lined with pictures. Next comes the porcelain department where there is an exceedingly valuable colleution of pottery including French, Venetian, Peruvian, Mexican, Hindoo, Wedgewood and the modern decorated ware. The most of this Jatter variety comes from the Summerville school at St. Clair, and all the articles coming frora there are unusually fine. In the Mexican ani Indian department there are bows with poisoned arrows, Indian pottery and beads, and rude ciad iraages. There ia the sacred beetle, and a clay vase containing the ashes of a human body. There are also Indian weapons of warfare, and articles of clothing. The floor of this boolh ia appropriately covered with deer, bear, búrlalo and wolf skins, and the walls were draped with barbarie splendor in red and gold. In the Japanese department there are mauy curioua articles exhibited, araong which is a set of jewelry made of Japanese crystals. The most valuable article here exhibited is a complete suit of Japanese armor- over three hundred years old. The Japanese pottery is very ornamenta!, and the specimens of embroidery are exquisite. Thia booth is nicely adorned with Japanese fans. In another room is the art gallery proper, where are displayed, grouped vary flnely, specimens of the fineat artistic produetiona. The engravings are copies from the most celebrated pistures found in the galleriea of Munich and Dresden. The oilpaintings are very fine. Gen. Early says that senator Mahone is "a miserable coward and base liar" and it is thought a duel is in prospect. Mahone's death would be no loss to the country.


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