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Tue BrUish ateamer Corsica feundered on I Cape Boca, on the west coast or Portugal, latitudes 08 c 45 min. north, longitiuie 9 31 min. west. Twenty-ono lives lost. The bey oITuuis hasauthorized the occupatiou of K?.irwani l;y the Frenen. Hungary remains firui in her opposition to the importation of Ainerieau porli, A company bas been incorporated at Paris tlm féia'olishmeut of an American excliange, -ith a capital oí L500,000 sterling. The Brtttsh cabinet seems to bfl divided against itself ou the Irish aaestion and about th treatment of the Boars. Tho list of agrarian outrages iu Irelaud for tho past month is long and bloody. Theje is likeiy to be great Buffering among the poorei c'.assea during the coming winter. l'arnell was aireBted on the 18th inst , on warrants signed by Torster, cMef seoretary for Ireland, at his hotel in Dublin. The resolution to arrest Parnell waR kept au entire secret from the English and Irieh people, and so profound a secret did ifc remain that nolbiug was known of it boyond tho cabinet. Mcanwhüe Sacretary Forstttr, who secretly lef t Iondon imraediately after the cabiüet uljourned reachcd Dublin at a'very early hour ín themorning. 'fliis he did by special nicans oí travel, and he at once suuiinoned the bost goverument detoctivn-, and placed the warrants tor the agitator's arrest in their hands, and giving them tho fullest assurauces of military support and the amplest powers advisible ordered them toperform the dulyaasignod as spoedily and secretly oa possitile. Becretary Forster thereupon placed himself at once in the closesi coniuiunicaüou with the military all over Ireland andii was notlougafter the detectives lefi the secretary bef ore he had every raember o! the British forco in the island under th mest absolute orders. Parnell ww taken to KUinainham,the prison which was prepared especialiy for arrests undex tlie conrcion act, and in , botli Mr. JMlon and ï'atuor Slieoby languishoii. Ho offere'l r.o reshtance, and was bo eurpriscd wlien üio ijflisers preetuited tua warrant to him aa to lie fi r a moment speecbleaa and power)e3.i. '! lie nows of the arrest spread all over Irelaud with the rapidity of lightuing, and everywhere tbat it Vi'fnt the populace turued to find the British soldiery armed and on dnty ahead of them. ïhe power of the Engiisli govemment and llie uttorly helples3 canditiou oL tho Itish pcople iu auy eoberne of common resistance wera never more terribly oontrasted than in the secrecy, the suddonceos and the c-aplete succesa of this arrest and the dazed helplesauèss wilh which the Iriah populace were couipelled lo learn of it in the presence of au armed force that seemid in a moment to have Bwanned all over tho country and taken complete possession. The warrant on which Pariiell was arrested charges him with inciting Irish tenants to repudíate past obligations and to refrain f rom applying to thelegally confitHufsil land commission to fix fair rent?. Germany and Austria ngrved to fresli proposals made by Eusia ia regard to the extraditica of politieal crimínala. Negotiations wilh Franco on the subject arp priiceecliug;. Ou receipt of the news of Parncll's arrest ut Londou, Mr. GHwhtone, en invitatiou of the Lord Mayor, went to SuildbaU and there recoived an address trom the naunicipallty. In roply ha said thc.t Irtoh aftairs wero too near and too pressing to ba put back or ■ d. Tho coadltton of Ireteed wm without doul ! aeaimg witli tliis condiüon the govermnoul disclaimed all partlsanship. Tbere waa no issue bulweun politica! parUes iu England on il question. ■ ivernmcnt had solemn Uitiea to discharge, and H was deterraiiiod to porfonn tbem. The firat step which itbad tuken toward viurtisatinK order and therightsof property iu Iceland was th arrest of Mr. Parnell, whicli h;;d b;8ii tn4 to-clay, "Mr. Parnell," saiU Mr. Uladstone, "fcom motivos which I do not clialloage, Uai m:v!o liimsell prominent by at tempttng to dostroy tho authority of law and subetitute for it ;m onatoMoal oppresslon of the Irish people. I beliove tliat the Iiiaii peopie wisli to givo the land bilí a fair trial, and tho govnrnmwit is determlned the people ahftll not bo terrorized out of their conslUulional rlghts." ïhis declaration of the intention ol the (jovernmeut was iwpívimI wlth mui plause by the assemblage, which filled the magnificent hall. Iroquois lost the ehainpion stakes race at Nowmarket on the 12th, coming ia tliird. Since the arrest of Parneil the BritiBh cabinet have received threatening letters. The cabinet is bitterly denounced by the agitators. A mans meeting was held in Dubliu to protest against Parnell's arrest. In a public assembly in Bolfast there wero advocates of a general strike againBt rent while Parneil remains in jail. No ontbreaks are reported, but there is mueh bitter denunciation and intense exoitement. The war ship Ponelope has heen ordeied forthwith to the Irish coast. Violent hurricanea have wroujfht graat ruin iu Eugland. A sbarp engagement with Araba waa had Friday near Zaghouan in North Africfi. luw fallón, hav'.ng capitulated to an army froin Turkestan. Boycotting iu Ireland has boen declaied ilUgal, by special proclaination, and the arrest is threatened of all who practico it. There are now 32,000 soldiere and 13,000 constabulary under arms in tho country, and a peasant war ■would be a horrible sacrifico. Flying columna of cavalry and norse artUlery aro under orders allarge ganison towns, aud any altempt at insurrection will be struck down ou the instant, John Dillou and Artlmr O'Connor, members of parliament, and Win. ü'Brieu, itor of the Land r,eague organ, have neen i restel. idditlonal arresto of land lcaRuo leaders are reported. The 5Jí1 regment has been ordered to Irelaud. Serioui damage lo property aud giout loss of Ufe are reported from norili (ermany as resulta of recent terriQ; gales. Great damage toshipplng li atoo twrted trom Chtoa and Japan. The land league lu-ld its last public meeting tor the present in Dublin on tli 18th. Noapayment of rent was openly adviscd. Thero was another riot in the streels tlie samo eyening, and Mr. Forster calis for a forco of monnted pólice. Parnell'B sister sends astartUng account of affairs throaghout Ireland. Mr. (Jladstone's residence near London is onder ] heavy guard. The Shakespeare society of Londen has voted to present sets of books to the librar; of Hiram collogo, Ohio, in respect to (Jarfield b memory. Imports int Frauce have decreased 138,000,000 franca. Exporta havo Inórense. 31,000,000 francs as comparei with last yoav. Sangninary ensagementahaveoccuiüd In Algerta.


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