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HENRY MATTHEWS, Has! the pleasure to Inform the pubiio that he is reaay to receire them in hisnewbrick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOR EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything In his Une will be flret-class, and At Reasonable Rates. He returns hls sincere thanks to all hls oíd customers f or their generous patronage, and corcu ally invites them, and all new cuatomers to hia ncw quarters, where he hopes by fair dealing to enlarge nis already growing business. gflaiir Send for om 0l& á. New Ilustra Bfl m tcdPricc-List mm No. 30, for FallandWinterofl881. Frcc to any address. Contains full description of all kinds of goods for personal and family use. We deal directly with the consumer, and sell all goods in any quantity at wholasde prices. Yon can Imy better and cheaper than at 1SMERY WARD & CO. '■- ...] ■■ ,V;;! Avene,Chicago,IlL FRED SORG, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES BEUSHES, WINDOW GLASS, And all Patotera' Suppllea of the Best Qualit3 SHOP AND STORE 26 and 28 East Washington :st. ANN ARBOB. MICMIQAN. RINSEY & SËABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington st., Have on hand a complete stock of everytbinginthe Crooery Line. Tney buy their Teas, Coffoes, and Sugrarsi In large amounts, and at CaslL Prices And can sell at Low Figures. Tho largo invoice of Teas they Buy aad Sell, is n good proof that in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. TheyRoast their own Coffeea every week, au. none but prime articles are useu. Their Bakeryturng out excellent Bread, Cakci; and Crackers. Cali and see them. ÏACKSON F1RE CLAY CO. Manufacturers oL Stone Sewer Pipe - AND-IDIR-A-IIN" TILE. All our Drain Tile are made of Fire Clay, are of unutual strength and Hoiit wcight, ■which materially reduces the breakage and expense ot transportation. The ditching for thls class of tiling isless expen sive as they do not require to be laid below frost, but only deep enough to escape the plow. Whilethisis more economical ït also aids in obtainingiabetter 'f all" or grade to the dram. A f uil assortinent of all eízes, for sale in small qnantlties, or car load lots, at the FEEDON LÜIÍBES YARD, JAS. TOLBKRT, Agent.. IN. H. DOWNS VEGETABLE BALSA&iiG ELIXIR _ Is a sure cure for Coughb, Colds, Bwhooping-Cough, and all Lung ■ Diseases, when taktn in season. I People die of consu., ; 'ion simpM y because of neglecl, when the i timeljr use oí tlns remedj would have cured them at once. JFiftU'Otic ycnrs ot constant use proves tht fact that no cough remed; has. stood the tesl like notvntt' Milizir. Trice 35o. 6Uo. and tl. (10 pel bottle. For Sale Jfver) where. Dr.Baxter's Mandrakei ■BlTTLllSii Will cure Jaundice, Dispepsia, g Liver Coniplaints, Indigestión, E; and all diseases arising from Bil-B iousnes. Pnce 25 ets. perbottlc. H For Sale Kvorywhero. HENHY fc JOIISSON'S ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENTl JFor JTIan and JBeasl. The moit perfect liniment evern compoumled. Price :5c. and 50c. K lor Sale tnrywhsn. ■ IL iVaPV I W IfgHL A Jm -i )THEi Chicago & Western la tho OLDESTI BEST CONSTRUCTED! BEST EQUIPPKD ! and henee tho LEADÏKG RAILWAY, OFTIIIÏ - WEST AND NORTHWEST! Itis the short and best route betlvcen Chicago síhí all pointe in Northern nitools, ïowa, Dakota, Wyenhj. Uotaaks, blifornia, Orogon, Arliona, Utah, Coloraío, Ií!io, Mosbiï :Toti Ja, ana. fer 0OXJ2T0IL SLTJFFS, OMJ.HA DENVER, LEADVTLLH, Salt Lake, San Francisco, nUDKOO, SIOUX CITY, Cedar Sapiit, EosMoinos, Oolumlos, sal all Polnts Ie tó Territorio. an4 ths West. Also, for Hilwaukee, OroeaBty, Osikosh, Enclioygan, Uarouetts, Ton4 du Lac, WatsrtOTï, nsuglitoa, Koeaah, llonains, üt. Eaul, Minaeapolis, Earoa. Volgi, Fargo, Biamipck, Wiaona, LaOrosso, Owatoma, ani all lointr. In iflnnc:üt, Dikota, Wisconjin and tbs KcrthAt Council Bluift the trains of the Chioago & Western and Uio ü. P. R'ys depart from, arrive at and uso the samo joint t nlon Depot. At Chicago, close conneotions are made w itn tnr ] .ake Shore, Michigan Central, Baltimorc : Ohi' i Kt. Wayne and PennsylvaDia, ml Chica CrandïrunkE'ys,and the Kaukakec and Pan Handle Routes. __. , Close connections made at Junction Pomts. Il is tho only line ruimig Pullman Hotel Dining Cars BETWEEN CHICAGO AND COUNCIL BLUFFS. PULLMAN SLEEPERS ON ALL NIGHT TRAINS. Insistupon Ticket Agents sellinpt you Ticketviathisroad. Examine your tickets, ana refusc to buy i f tliey do not read ver tho CMcago & North-Westem Railway. If youwishthc Best TravelinAccommodfttions you will buy your tickets by this route, n'l vMt (hrnoneothcr. All Ticket Agante scll Tickets by this IaBO. HAKVIV IIlItJHITT, 2=4 7. F. Ges'lVang'r, Ohicagn.


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