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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the transfers of real estáte for the week ending Wednesday, November 16: WAKRANTY DEEDS. Barnard Keenan to Jacob F. Braun, 20 acres sec 13 Northfield, $1,200. Olive A. Johnson to Jno. Devine Jr., lot in Dexter 200. Lelvina S. Cowles to Henry Matthews property in Ann Arbor, $1,55O. Jesse W. Badford to Horace Booth, 137 acres sec 15 and 22 Scio, $8,230. Milo A. Rowe to Ernst G. Haarer, 160 acres sec 24 and 26 Sharon, $10,480. Mary Aun Sanders to Frederick A. Maier, 2 acres sec 4 Pittsfield, $410. Adelaide C. Leonard to Mary Ann San ders, one-half acre Aun Arbor, $400. Wm. R. Geer to Lizzie M. Tuttle, property in Ypsilanti, $2,000. Jas. Conaty to Dick Clark, 70 acres sec 30Lynlon, $1,500. Jas. Conaty to Chas. L. Canfield, 33 acres sec 34 Lyndon, $800. Thos. H. Bradly to Albert Warren, land in sec 31 York, $300. QUIT-CLAIM DEEDS. Jno. Gifbert to the Ypsilanti Paper Co. property in Ypsilanti, $200. Sarah F. Huetin to Elizabeth Proadfit, property in Ann Arbor, $300.