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Carelessness Concerning Highways

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'A WilJimantie horse case" says the Ooimccticut Farmer "in whieh J. M. Parsons sued the town of Windom for daniages, a valuable horse having died trom lockjaw, the result of running a rusty nail into his foot while being driven 011 the highway, has resulted in a verdict of $475 against the town." it is reponed that the town will bring suit agdinst the manufacturing company whieh dumped that soit of material in the public highway, and will make them pay the bilí if possible. A few court decisions against parties who make the highway ttie receptacle ior all the waste rubbish that happens to be in the way upon private jaounds, mightpossibly help to ctiange public sentiment in this maiter. Bits oí board, stungles, laths, etc, containing rusty nails, broken glass bottles, old barrel hoops, both of wood and iron, ewpiy fruit cans and cast off crockery ar .long the dangerous things that are fuuud too often thrown into thi iiighway toget nd of them. For tht same reason, weeds from the fleld and garden, coal ashes from the stove and f urnace, sticks, stonea and brush that should be disposed of in some better way, often bring up in the public street. It is almost time that the people learned that the public highways are laid out and kept in repair for purposes of public travel and ior no other purpose, and that he who uses the street for a compost bed, or rubbish heap, or receptacle for all the U3eless waste material that would otherwise accumulate about his premises, and which he is too lazy or too thoughtless to diapose of hi some better way, should be made to pay all the damages that may occur from such practices, whether it be the loss of a valuable horse or the spread of foul weeds upon a neighbor's premises.


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