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Good Manners

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The essence of good marmers is kind thoughtfulness ot' others. The man wbo goes to his room in a hotel stamping and talking through the corridor, slamming his door, and flinging his boots down heavily upon the floor, is merely brutally selflsh. He ia not aware that he owes duties to other people who will be alïected by his conduct. He does not think that he rudely awakens some one to whom sleep is indispensable, and whom he has no right to disturb. Haydon's picture of the man in the chop-house waiting for the Timeá, which his neighbor lias held for an boor, and is evidently bent upon holding until he has read all the advertisements, is an illustration of this common selfishness. The talk and conduct in the cars are generally signs of vanity or a morbid self-consciousness. A well-bred man keeps his toothnches and headaches to himself, and does not assume that strangers are interested in his digestión. A well-bred wornan keeps her children quiet, and does not ussume that all her fellow-travelers must share her fondness for them. If Mrs. P., with her vivid sense of Mr. P.'s peculiarities and of her fine house and equipage, could only oiice know how supremely unimportant any individual is, how well the world fared before Mr. P. arrived, and how unshocked the universe will be by nis departure, she would be a modest and wellmannered woman. That knowledge, indeed, would be a general correctivo of manners. A certainkiiid of personal conceit often accompanies undeniable "superiority. There are men, like Lord Chatham, who like to have their going and coming regarded a events, to move wilh a pompous bustle, and to be constantly recognized as great men. Bat if they could only knjw it, thrt very taste is constantly accounted to them for weakness, aiid their influence is just 30 f ar lessened. - Selected. In a life of sixty-five years one must have eaten about thirty tans of solids and liquids.


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