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Death Of Franklin Cate

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FranklÍD Cate, aa oíd and well-known resident of this city, was fouud lyingdead on the street uear the depot between eleven and twelve o'clock on Tuesday uight. Geo. Donovan, after the entertainment at the opera houe. walked down to the M. C. depot, going down Fifth street to Detroit street, and, proceeding down the letter street a few feet, he noticed an object lying on the opposite side of the street, which he fouud uponinvestigation to be a man. He went to the depot, got the night watch, O'Reilly, and togeiher they returued wilh a light aud found that the body was cold and stiff. The man lay on his back, with one leg straight out and the other drawn up. The arms were stretched out, and there was a string of fish in his left hand. His clothes were partially unbuttoned, a fact which the doctors at the inquest afterwards said added force to the theory that he died from a congestive chili It seems that Bross and the deceased went fishing on the river Tuesday evenina: between geven and eight o'clock, remaining out for two hours. The former speared while Mr. Cate paddled the boat, held the light aud struug the flsh. Bross ooticed that Mr. Cate walked slower than usual when they went down to the river and asked him if he was aick, Cale replying no, but that he had the asthma. Tliey put their boat in the boat house at 10:20 P. M., and came back on the railroad track, untii opposite Ferdon's lumber yard, when Bross went on up Fourlh street to the top of the hill, put down his fish and waited for Mr. Cate. After waiting half an hour he concluded that the lalter had goue home by the way of the depot and went home himself. Mr. Bross says that Mr. Cate appeared tibe all right while fishing. An inquest was held by coroner Martin Claik aud a verdict returned of dectb from congestión of the lungs, brougut on by kxpotare while on the water for two hours. The funeral will be held Saturday raorning. Mr. Cate's remains wiü belaken to Highland, fakland county, for interment.


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