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r„,r ho "Boss Crnnk" spent a pleasant riuinksgiving at the Government House of Correetion. He found fault witii his board last week and threate-n ed (o leave iL tuey gave him any more rabbits. He wants good beefstake. He gels a second breakfast when he reaches tbe court ho;;se each day and also an extra dinner provided by his relatives. Tliey are very much afraid he may get hurt, as he has to pass Uirough a long line of all kinds of people in gettmg into the court. ïhey are not generally inclined to inake a hero ot nim, and iheir remarks, Guiteau Bys, are unpieasant to his ears This is the only place where he liangs down nis nead and drops the characier of a nero. At other timea and places he appeara to be master of the situation, and enjoya hngely the notoriety lie has succeeded in ettaching to his name. He gives his antograph with an air of condesceusion and self-exaltation which declares that hia name will be handed down to postority immortalized in Amencau hlstory. lie saya his flrst week in court was a very good one, and no one said anything hard of him! The opening speech by ScoTÜle hm proven him to bo mm-p. nf nn„ than was supposed at first. He evidently is confluing all Iris powOTS to workupoa the jury. He bas already probably made thexn believe that he (Scoville) is in earnestin believing that Ginteau is crazy. Even the few hundred m the court room wbo have been agaiiidt aaything favorable to the assassin, found themselves applauding his counsel as he asked for juatice. He talked in a rambling, conversational way, and made no effort at oratory. Mrs. Scoville was in teara most of the time ho was taiking. Even Guiteau once trembled and buried his face in his hand?. ïhis is the flrst lime he has shown any such weakening inside the court room. He was pretty well scared by the shot last wesk, and does not stand up to enjoy the scenery through tne nttie wmdom in the top of the van. Wm. Jones, who fired the shot, is at large on a $5,000 bail. He is a native of Maryland; has a íine larra just ou of this city, and is considered a ver (ice horseman and marksman. He is resolute man of strong impulses, an determined character, and hrs borne fair reputatioD. To-duy the as3as3in made anothe statement in comí-, reading it from th manuscript. Mr. Seoville again asked him to stand up. He replied : "No I wont. I ain't afraid, lio wever. He wanted all the f acts to go the jury henee hs made interruptions ío corree f acts bearing on the question, "Who fired that shot ? the Deity or me ? Tha the newspars that were criticising the President at the time. and the doe tora since, were iust as miich to blanip as he was for the killing. He contra dicted the statement that he was afraid of death. The assault made on me las Saturday by a crank has been condemn od by the entire American press. lie would have been shot dead had it no" been í'or the rearing of the liorses at the moment my guard fired at him. I waste no argument on cranks. Again I say if they value their lives keep away from me, or they will be shot dead.' II also tliroatened to drag the whole record of his formsr wife into court i; she testifled against him." She is here with her husband and ehildren from Leadville, Col., to testify as to the sanity and deviltry of her lirst love. The claims of opposing candidatos for speakership are very contradictory but as stated in the beginning, youi corresponder t, after hearing all sides puts Kasson of Iowa, in the lead. Indeed, somo of Hiscock's frienda have admitted that lie has no real ground for expeeting the chair, but the chairmanship of an important committee. Exsecretary Kobeson is out of the race, and has declared for Reed of Maine The friends of Orth of Indiana, are making still huntin hopes he laay come in on a dark horse. Some democrats are talking as if they would not give Randall the complimentary vote, but the smöke will clear away iu time to give him the f uil party vote. No special csnvass is going on by them as it is conceded to the republicans with all the spoils of war. Headquarters with water, etc, are open, and the clans are gatkering for the fray. There is a talk of having the ladies of the new cabinet preside alternately at the White House. As they will come from different sections of the country, a cosmopolitan air will pervade the coming season. The "Western idea" having prevailed since '01, it has been whispered tbat we should now have a change, and let New York inaugúrate a little st}'le and brilliancy. Ent the latest rumor threatens us with the "Harlequin" "brie a brac" series, insteadof Parisian "modo et forma." One week we shall have the austere, scholastic, New England styles fresh from shades of Cambridge; another, perhaps, the passionate outbursts of the suniiy South; another the perfect genteel type of dre3S and manner from the oommercial metropolis; and then the "freo and easy" from the prairies of the boundless West, concluded by the "Happy go lucky" mountaineer of the Pacific slope. President Arthur, accompanied by Mrs. Secretary Hunt, attended churcïi on ïhanksgiving day at St. Luke's Episcopal (colored.) He joined in the service as if at his own St. Johns. The colored singera have long been a great attraction at St. Luke's, so that all last y ear tickets of tdmission were sold for the Sabbath ceremonies. The church building is among the best in the city. SSNATOR : WASHIXGTOÍÍ. NOT. 25.


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