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The Rev. Thomas K. Beecher of Elm.ra, reporta that he has just preached his sevnteen hundredth sermón. Mrs. Ilannah Butler, ninety-nine years old, of Buxton, Me., sent a letter of syrnpathy and a patch-work quilt to Mra Ehza Ballou Garfield, andere! o" Snf dP f hlSt Week' Just b f ïeceipt of a note of thanks from the late President s mother. John P. Iloward of Burllugton Vt who has recently given $75,000 to the Umversity of Vermont, to-day ave 820,000 to remodel and i m prove the mam Umversity building. Prof. Simon Newcomb is seriously ülwith malaria in Boston, and has been obhged to postpone the delivery of his proposed course of lectures on astronomy. The engagement of Prince Leopoldto Princesa Helena of Waldeck is announcm "-in f"ne Le-tPld i3 the seventh child of Queen Victoria. He was born in 1853 The Princesa Helena was uuiii xeuiuary 17, isoi, and is the fourth child of Prince George Victor It is expected there will be a lawsuit over the will of Mra. Lafltte, the daughter of Commodore Vanderbilt who died lately in Paris. About $1 00 - 000 will be in vol ved. Miss Annie Louise Cary is mentioned as the possessor of $450,000 earned by her voice. Among her treasures is one of the most perfect emeralds in the world ; it weighs tvventy-three carats and is valued al $50,000. It was boueht at the sale of Queen Isabella'a jewela 111 Paris. The wife of Senator Jones of Nevada, is said to be üncommonly accomplished. She speaks several lánguages perfectly, and has trans] ated from the I rench various solid books on iinancial subjects. It is reported that much of the Senator's exact information is due to the assistance ot his wife, who looka up authorities for Mm. Miss Clara Louise Kellogg will le married to Mr. Whitney, of Philadelphia, next spring. She has sold her home on the Hudson, and will spend most of her time abroad with her husband. Miss Kellogg has earned during her hfe upon the stage about half a milhon dollars. Mr. Whitney is a man of large fortune. Henry A. Smith, one of the princely membera of the Tweed ring, in New 1 ork, is no longer a prince. Ilis wife and daughter keep an apple stand on bixth avenue for a living. The Bev. W. H. Milburn, the blind preacher, after a long sojourn in the bouth, has íinally settled in New York. Heury Ward Beecher's son William was marned Thanksgiving evening to Jessie Bigelow of Brooklyn. The Princess of Wales while at Singleton Abbey recently, planted a linden as a memorial of her visit. She was requested to place her hand on the tree while the earth was being filled in around it : but, instead of being content with so pas3ive a part, she seized a heavy garden spade, and shoveled in the earth with skiil and vigor lausrbing heartily the wkile.


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