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Guiteau Says God Inspired Him To Kill

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Garfleld, bat wuen asneu, n us m w, why it w neccssary tor him to practice target shooting tot everal montns previoua to the killiog.aDswered that counsel ■was going too deep into outwaid fncts." This scouodrel Us bvtng altogetlicr loo raucU liberty in lüe court room. mul the wlioW; trial sieema lo be hu arrangement between Guiteau and judge Cox to gve theworld as buge a farce s ver disgraoed any court in Oiristem'.oni. The DEMOGBAT opines that if God did inspire tUis villaia to shoot the president, He espires the jury to convict him of nairderand the proper offlcers to hang hi BI. _ While not sympalliiziug with uiob viol.jnce in any forni, The Uemocbaï - lias only syrapatliy for the poor psople wlio have been robbedjof their lundearned moncy by the suspcnsiou of the lliinuewell aud ColU well banks in Kansas, aud fluds uo woi-da ot condemnation for their rough indigoation. If robbery has been the oiüer of t lic day, tüe thieves should be made to Buffer, and knowing thfi law's delav and luicorlainty uo der desperation urged ihe plundored people to do violence to the persons who h;ive so foully wronged them. Kvcn In the cvent of its bcing m bouesl fallare the officeis deeerve condine punishmcnt for careless use of the bauk funda wnich resultad iu loss to the ilepositors. A.tcain, we say, let Uá adopt Uie Chinese system of ilecupitatiug all dishonest or ipeculating bank ofticers, and we wiil tbcn cease to chronicle daily robberies under the name of bank l'aihires and suspensions. Life insurance is a goodj Investment for one's relativos, bot rarcly does the insurer much good except in isolated cases like Gartield's. Bui it is not upon selfishness that life insuranee companies leed. One usures liis lii'e for. ibe ioved ones who inay be Mt behind without a protectiníí and sustaining arm, and henee tbe motive is not only unseltish but is one of the best and purest that actuates the human heart. On tho eontrary, howevcr, the most selrish and iaordinately graspine thinc-s is the ordinary life Insurance company, usually watching out for opportunlties to take advautage cf poor widows and ehildren to defraud theni of tbeir insurance, as iu case of suicide, etc,. Henee The Democuat takes genuino pleasure in handing down to posteríty a generous aad cbaritable act of an unknowu life insurancc company in paying the insurance on a poor womans life befoie phe luid departed for thesunny clime supposed to be beyond this vale of tears. The case occurred at Battlc Creek, it is said, under tbe following circumstances: Mis. Ilenry ingham was at the point of ueath, and the family being very poor the insurance company paid tLiu imount of insuiance on her life to membcrs of the family. Either this fact, or Providence seeing its chauce, for the Srst time, to tricK au insurance company, induced the invalid to get better, and instaad of dying she is still in the land of the living and may entircly recover. Here is the story of the ouly person who ever received the amouut of insuranee on a lite policy and livts to enjoy it. I -4"- ■ WK agree with the Eveniag News tbat the best use an "msane" nnnderer can be put to is to hang bim. Mark this propheoy: in case our advanced civilizatiou and ideas of bumanity ever permit tbe summary hanging of iusane life-takers, iusanity will receive a permanent check and otber a;rounds of defunse will be put forvvard by murderers. A Detroit physician contends that as a matter of selfprotection to society, uisane crimináis sbould be quietly put out of the way, bas ingtliis position] on aa mgenious argument which we reproduce in full, as folio vvs: "Any person not acting i .'.elf defoi s? or legally as an offieer, who intentioiially takes or atlempts to take Ihe life of aiiother is insane in a degree; is uot quite safe in society and sbould be removed therefrom. It makes no diflerence to society wiiat may be the couditiou of tho criminal's braiH, wlietlier part of it be destroyed, or whether it may be oüly itniDoraiilv disordered in capacity tor correct judgment, or depravd trom vic ious life, or badly nuiüe up fiom tbc beginning; if he show a wLira lor killing lolks he should bc removed. lie shoulü be removed by dealb, too; unless, under some rare extenuating circumstauees, be might be imprisoned for life. Do away entirely with expert testiuiony as to the peculiar kiud ot brain he has and examine ouly the fact of the murder. Tlfen if proven let the proper officcr. quietly enter hii) eell and give him chlorotorin eaough to produce death. Hangiug has a barbar 0U8 appearance ; and there can be no advantage in giving the unfortunate criminal even a twingeof pain. Life luearceration raight do, but the keepers are never safe 1 1 oin liis atlack, and lie inight also escape aud aliow kis murderoua propeusUy to erop out in some otlier commuuity." Tbis proposition muy shock the over sensitive minds of our laddada monüists, aud it does not quite meet our own views, but il is a suggestion in the right direction and the subject is oue for reflection.


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