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An Outrage

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What is looketl upon as a high-hauded jroceeding transpirad Monday. Fred jang,a hard-working, inoffensive Germán who has lived in thia city and vicinity or many years came to town aud got a ittle "doozled." He was arrested by constable Orcuit and taken beiore justiee rreuaufl, who beiiig quite busyjust then, ordered Lana; taken to jail. In the evenïng be was brought upaud the justice sen tenced him to Ionia for six months. The next morning Orcutt left with his man for the worKhouse. When Lañe íirst came 10 the city Monday, he Joft with Mrs. Ardner $15, which was more tlian enougu to pay his line, or if giveu an opporlunity, he could easily have giyen security for bis good behavior. But no, a "stake" was to be made aud Lang was the victim (not the íirst one either that has been hurried to louia) and to-day a man who bas worked nearly every day for years is doing the state service. It is well known that certain officers in this city are doina: a thriving business by lakinfï mea to Ionia. They get their pa; and hurry back to scoop in other victims It is only a few days ago that a young man was arrested and seutenced for six months, whose only crime was asking fo something to eat at a constable's house. Only a few nights ago a person in th third wavd who is believed to be in th service of an offleer, undertooktoprovok a quarrel with a man under the iufluenc of liquor. The same night another fe low auout two sheets in the wind wa geen assistine a constable in getting a ma who had been drinkiug, to jail, when th person arrested wab uot as bad olï as hi druuken escort. Men on the streets, if they happen t be strangers, are closely watched, and i they are teen to slumble, olï they go t ail. Some oííicor wlio has been pröwjns around for a job, chuckles in liis sieeve as lie tliinks of the fees lie will reoeive for taking liis man ovej tlio road. When it is remcmbercrt lli-'t it costs Bometbmg like $18 10 tukt' n person to ouiii, the expenso to the county will imount to thousands of dollars. It must )e a iiayin.c business for constables when hey eau nfford to liire spotters to work up a case.


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