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Oa Friday laet Ferris Houck ol Marengo, wUile hunting, accidentally discharged a shell he wasabout to put in his gun. A piece of the shell entered hiB hand and he died of lockjaw Tuesday eveninK. Deceased was 23 years of age and very uiuch reepected. The body of an old man named Josepu Marsh was foundon the farm of C.C.Comstock near Grand Bapids Wednesday mght. Marsh disappeared two weeks ago and his whereabouts have not been known sinoe. The cause of tho death is a mystery. The Voscamp murder trial at Knlamazoo i Dot Hnwn for December 7th. A special venire for 80 jurymen was issued and tbe jury drawn. The attorneys for tho peoplo are Prosecutmg Attorney McBride oí Grani Haven, and cuting AAtoruey Kuappen oL Kalamazoo assisting. For the prisoner, Geo. C. Stewart of Grand Haven, Senator Farr of Ottawa and N. H. Stewart, Eeq., of Kalamazoo. Mr. Hodge, druggist, of Litchfield, was k.Tcied down Tbursday night and robbed of $55. A man named Rice is charged with tbe crime. Wm. Hayden'8 barn in Ttcuinfeh was turn ed Wedneeday nigbt and a pair of horses were yflestroyed. No msurance. " The family of 0. P. Coffinbury at Constantino was nearly suffocated by gas froni a coal stove, Saturday night last Wm. Gardcer at Constantino found a strange man in the barnyard Friday last, and ordered Wm out, when a Equabble ensued, and Gardner was stabbed in the leg. The strangerfled. Thewifeof Dr. Switzer, of Tecumseh, who was aleo a senior student in the women's hospital medical college of Chicago, while I ing waspoisoned in an alarming manner, ard in consequence bas been confined to her bed for the past three weeks, but isnow out of danser. James Doyle, turnkey in the Muskegon Jail, on Tuesday was suddonly called by one Johnston, a Swede, confined as crazy, and a desperate struggle ensued. The lurnkey had a finger broken and was badly bruised and used up be. fore he succeeded in gettug the crazy man m to a cell, where he was locked up, yelling and raving, and during the nighthetore all his clothlng ofl and reduced it to rags. James H. Shearn, the oldest resident of Sand Beach, died Weduesday night, aged 82. He was a pensionec oí the war of 1812. Mra. Tappan, an aged and poor woaian of Buffalo, went to Bay City weanesuay auu hnnted up tlie house of her only daughter; but her daughter turned her out of doors refusing t0BvCthTee g6raco of the fish conimissioners 2000 Germán carp are to be planted in the the lakes about Kalamazoo. The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railrond company have let the contract for building the northern extensión ofitsroad, fromits present northern terminus to the Straits of Mackinaw o L. A. Rose of Rronson and McDonald Bros. of Grand Rapids. The road is to be built by June 15, and passenger trams are to bc runEing to the Straits by July 15. Trains are about to run on the Mackinaw división of Ihe Michigan Central Railrorul as far north as Vanderbilt, 8 miles north of Gay uf lumber East Saginaw hai shippsd by water the past season 254,000,000 {eet; f rom theriver, 825,000,000 feet, Total shiptnents of shiDgles for the season, 165,000,000; lath. 20,000,000 pieces. No more cargces wni o a sent out thi9 year. Henry W. White, Alias Bartoi;, a nototious stage robber, bandit and desperado, while in charge of U. S. Marshal P. P. Wilcox of Denver onSaturday last, and on the M. C. Bailroad train weat of Kalamazoo, sncceeded iu piekling hia ehaekles from hia wriat, and commenced a desperate assault upon the Marshal. The firet aalutatioD, or warning the Marshal received, indicating trouble wae: "Ixive me your revolver and let me go or I will braia you," and the same instant the prisioner brroughtdownapalrol handcuffs with terrible force on the cfficei's head. Though foarfully stunned, the Marehal made every effort at reBistance, bnt blow followod blow and tho priaoner eucceeded in wrestling from him the pietol. The orficer shouted for help, but all the passengere left the cars in fright save a plucky little woman from Denvt r, who caine to the rescue and rendered efficiënt aid. The prisoner cocked the revolver and pulled tbo trigger repeatedly, bnt it f aüod to r.-epond, and such was the tailure when the officer recaptured the pistol and tried to shoot the prisoner. The lady, Mrs. Smithson, labored heroica'ly to aid the otneer- turew ner arma around the desperado' neck und tried co hold bis hands - remonstrated with nim and tried to calm h8 fury. Near the close of the Btruggle the prisoner, eeeing he eould not kill the officer nor get the keys to unlock the shackles Irom nis feet, placed the muzzle against his heart, and tried to ahoot hiinaelf. Again ie reiused to go off. Finally the officers got hold the bell rope and stopped the train brlnging a brakeman to the rescue, and the atruggle came to an end. Wilsox carne to Detroit with the train Saturday evening. He saya he intended to kill tho officer, rob the passengere and escape to the north woods. This nativa ol Texas ia now in our house of correction. Recently White robbed a stage of 13 pasaengera, alone and unaided. Placing a pole across the road with gun Backs Buspeied f rom it he halted the stage as it drove up, and personated tbe volees of a number oí men behind the breast works. The passengers were frighteued by such an impoaing display of force and permitted While to lead thein to the roadside, to bllndfold them aud go throogh their pocketa, and even rob the mail baga. He was afterwardB captured, and af ter repeated escapes and re-capture was sentto Detroit f orHSife keeping which it was feared the Larimie Fenitentinrj could not guaraatee hitn. President J.B. Angelí of the umversüy and family are now in Naples. Their next objective point ia Rome. Thursday, at Alganese Center, Jacob Jackson feil dead whlle sawing wood in nis woodehed. Fred Limpert, near Pife Lake, a week ago Saturday, had a log roll over him froui shoulders to hip, and one sin guiar offect was to paralyze his organs of speech eo that he could not utter a word for several days. BsDjamm Trego, who killed Martin Textor, oflrving, and who was convicted of manslaughter at the November session of tho Birry circuit court, has been sentenced to 12 years' imprisoninent at Jackson by Judge Hooker. Isaac Harria, colored, of Battle Creek, was arrested for buiglary Friday night in tho house of B. Kingma, on a yisit to the servant girl. He rlaimed to be only paying one ot the gervant gris a "friendly cali." There wcre shipped from Saginaw river, for the eeason up to Nov. 26, 792,146,277 feet Of lumber, 119,832,000 chiagles, and 17,760,000 lath. ihe young men of Albion are making arrangements for a choice lecture course. Ira Allen of Emerson Gratiot county, was kilJing hogB one day last week, when his little boy, aged six years, who was playing with the dog, was up36t into a vessel oí boiling water and fatally sealded. The Elk Rápida Progres3 has the foüowing regarding the inanufacturing interests ot that place: "The furnace makes 14,600 tons otlron a year. The chemical works will turn out 5,500,000 pounds of acétate of Rme and 100,000 gallons of wood alcohol a year, and the sawinili will make a cut of at least 30,000 feet of hardwnod lumber a oay. The grist mili does a inighty good business, and one year sliipped ftway 18,500 bushels of wheat." The amount of logs put iu by rail on Sagl naw bay, by the Pinconning road, is eatimatert at 40,000,000 feet, all of whicu carne to the Saginaw rlver milis. The product of Rifle river this season is about 106,000,000 feet of logs put n laet winter, and thore were 9,000,000 feet of o!d lag3 in the boom when the season opened. OI tho 106 OO0.ÚOO feet of logs chere are now in the boom's pockeisabout 8,000,000 feet and in the river 12,000,000 feet. It ia eatiinated that not to exceod 2,000,000 feet aro hung up. On the eliorP, piae 10,000,000 feet is tl e product and all are eut. Hon John Mechcm, a higbly respected citizen of Battle Creek, and one of its pioneere, was struck ly a Mich. Central traiu, while crossing tho track at that place on Mondoy morninR.and instantly kilkü. Hewaswarncd both by tho ilagmau and the e"gine-bell, and no blaine is attached to tho railroad em. ployees. The cow-catcher struck him on the richt leg belov the knee, and he was camed aboutCSfeet, when he rolled .off, Btrikine „„.nOt n mi which crushed his right temple bo as to caueo aimost inBtant death. Ue was 74years old. Iu Detroit, abfuit 8 o'olock Sunday moruing, I near Michigan Av. and 17lh ets., an aged man named Christian Ternes was foully beaten and kickodtodeatli nyone Charlas Martin. Martin haB been arrestad. The church in Greenvilie, ot which Mre. Barnard was a member, not having the action of tho jury on her case in fear or respect, proceeded, aiter the rendoring of the verdict, to ex communicate her f rom the meniDersun.. 01 the Burvivorsof theschooner Jame3 Platt, I wbitli was wreckedon South Fox Island durin" the recent palo on Lake Michigan, the mate, sccond mata and tour seainen reached Detroit Tueídsy mornicg.


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