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Decembör s.-In the sesat?, Senator navis ionnilly canvened the chamber at noon. Resolutions for committeas of noüficaUon oí the house of representaties, informing thein of the organization of the eeuate, were adopted. A large number of bilis ware intro-iuced among them the following: By Mr. Qarland (Ark.), tor the appointment of a cammisBion to investígate anexiona of tarilïand revenue laws; by Mr. Back (Ky.), lor ;retiriag tvade dollars and rocoining them into standard silver doHara; by Mr. Mliler (Cal), treaiy siipnlations relativetoCMne3e;by Mr.Conger(Mich.) to promote the efficiency of the life savlns; service: by Mr. Windom (.Minn.), to incorpórate the Garfield memorial hospita!; by Mr. Logan fTll.1. to nlace Gen. Grant upon the retired list of the army, by Senator Skerman, aulhorizlng the iesue of 3 per cent bonds, not to exceed f300,000,000, the proeeeds of tha eale, to go f or the redempilon of 3i bonds. Mr. Latham'a Introduces a bilí f or the punishment of attsmpts to take tlie life of the Presideat Of the United States or others chavged witti the dutits of the office of the President of the United States prefers as pnnishment upon coaviction.imprisonment for lite, sucU itnprisoainant to be by soiitary confinementor hard labor in the deseretionofthecourts. The House met at 11 a. in. and proceeded to the eleclion of Speaker. Nominations being in order, Mr. Keifer was put in noinination fcy Mr. Robeson (N. J.)i Randall by ülr. House, (Xenn,), and Mr. Ford by Mr. Murch, (Me.) Messrs. Burrows (Mich.), Holman McCook and Ladd were appointed tellers. The roll was called and tho result was as follows: Whole number of votes 285. Necessary for a choice 143. For Mr. Kieíer US, Kanaaii i, ruiu 8. All the members whose eeatB wero not contested were sworn in, and the Republican caucus nomineeB of the House elected. Decembor 6.- The second day of the sission in the house was devoted principally to the drawing of seats, althoughthe first hour was conaumed by a general diecussion of a point of order made by Frost of Missouri on Haskell's resolution of the previous day oii conlinumg the rules of the laat house. Frost made the point that the present house had no rules. The house will adjourn over üll Friday to enable Speaker Keifer to niake up his committees. The Michigan delegation held a conference Tuesday night and agreed to indorse Hon. J. W. Stone of Grand Rápida for commisaioner of patenta. They also endorsed Samuel Post for pension agent in place of Gen. Hartsufi, declined. The annual meeting of the Michigan asaociation for the election of officera resulted in the re-election of Z. Moses for president,and the election of B. H. Thayer, for vies president, F. B. Conjer, for secretary, and John V. Green for treaaurer. The executivo committce for the coming year are W. H. Barton, Hon. W. B. ThoinpBon, ColonelD. B. Ainger, D. T. Pierce and A. F. Dinsmore. In the senate yesterday when Mr. Edmunds called up his resolution providing for the contiuuance of the committees as at the close of laat session the President pro tem., Mr. Davis, made a speech defining his position. Hesaid heintendedto support the present tration as long as itB conreo continued the same as now, reserving the right, however, to criticise it at any time he should see fit, He would therefore vote to continue tho present formntion of comrnittees to euabla the Republicana to have a fair èhow. He would not vote, however. to remove any oí the present officers of the senate, so Sergeaat-at-arm9 Bright will continue in bis office unlees Senator Mahone can find a way of removing him independeut of the vice-preeident's vote.


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