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Parliament has boen re-prorogued to February 7, when lt meets lor diepatch of business. Boyton waB released frora Jall ou the SOUi on condition that he will lenve tha country. All the suBpcctB in Kllmanham j;ül coinmenced BubsistiDg on the priaon fare to-day. It is thought that Bismarck's frequent attempts to prove that the liberal majority it not the real voica of the country and lúa decided coolneB3 towardB the c'.ericala show the dissolution of the reichstag probable. Alter today's proceeJings in the reichstag the doubt is no longer entertained that a clerical and conservativo coalition has boen concluded. At Rome the jury in the caso of Mario and Caprieciosi, editor and manager respectively of the Lega Della Democrazia, on trial for I HshiDg articles inBulting to the pope, has f ound tlio prisoners guilty. Mario was Bentenced to I two months' imprisonment and to pay a fine of 500 francs and Capricciosi to three months' I impriaonment and a fine of 1,000 francs. Tlie rindorpeet appeared in the province of I Lowor Austriaa several mantb.9 ago, and I thoughitreceived attontion at once the disease cont.inued spreadiag until finally it became epidemie. Sinco the broaking out of the pest I in, Lower Austria 3D8 stables in twenty-seven different place3 have beou aff ected by the tagion, tu which 580 cittle took the disease, ' 38 cattle died and othera were killed and buried. Thcre were 2,373 cattlp, 37 aheep and 88 goata dostroyed under auspicion of being infectod. The total cumber of anímala lost by tbe post was 3,088. A farmer living near Augharaa, county 'Leitrim, Ireland, was asaaulted by a party of armed men, Wedneaday evening, and received 12 I wounds. It ia believed that h8 injuries are fatal. He liad paid hia rent. Jos. Coopor, one ot the secretarles of the 1 British and íoreign anü-slavery society, is j dcad. Tvro hundrcd cattle on a grazing farm at Carrowguil have b9en mutilated. Thore wili beameeting on Tuesday in WestminiBter Abbey to conüider the proponed memorial to Dean Stanley. la aecordance with the expre'.sed desire of the Priuce of Wales Mr.Lowell, American minister, has been invited to attend in order that the respect evinoed lor the memory of the late dean throughout America may be represented.


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