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Real Estate Transfers

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Thefollowiug aru üie transfers of real estáte for the weck ending Wednesday, December 28: WARRANTY DEEDS. Augustus Koots to Delos Mills, laad in sec 2o, Bridgewater, $150. Jno. HutZel u Mary Walker, 10 acres sec 30 Lodi $!)00. Jno. Kenuey to Byron D. Kenney, 112 acres sec 15 ami 22 Vebsler, $5,040. JVlary K. S. Eaton to W. W. Wüedou, lot in Aun Arbor, $400. W. W. Wüedon to Mary R. Payue, lot in Aun Arbor, $500. Louisa Schaible to Agatha Kurtver, land in sec 1, Öharon, $1,500. Henry JD. Kose to Jno. H. Mambry, 83 acres sec 7 and 8, Lyndon, $3,400. Cornelius H. Addis to Win. ötimpson, 2-0 acreu; sec 23, Saline, $675. Jas. McLaren to Chaudler & Drusland, lot in Cüelsea, $800. Lilaos are budding. A. Kearuey sports a uew $150 gold 'watch. It was a Christmas present. C. S. McOmber of Iowa City. Iowa, collector for the Iveystoue Wringer Co., ís iu the city on a short visit. Christmas festival at the Episcopal ■churcli last evening; social at the M. E. church, and an entertainment at the Unitarian ehurcu bj the reform club. Mr. James Wallingof Eaton Co., and jVIiss Katie H. Spoor, of tiñs place, were inarried Saturday at the restdence of W, tí. Wright. The bride was the recipiënt oí many valuable presenls. The county medical society met yestcrday in the parlöre of the St. James hotel. The president, Dr. F. K: O wen of Ypsi-lanti, presiden. Dr. Murdoch joiued the society. Dr. Darling will at the aext meeting. Dr. Batwell of Ypsilanti, read a paper on " amputation," in which lie claiuied e;reat superiority for the circular over the flap operation. Discussiou foliowed, and the doctor was requested to furnish a copy of the essay for publicatiou. Severa! important cases were reported. Drs. Breakey, Batweli, aud Kinne reponed a uuniber of peculiar cases of gun shot wounds that canie to their nolice in the army. Dr. Kiune had prepared a paper on " ihe use of quinine in scarlet faver - is quinine germecide," but for want of time the reading of it was dtterred uutil the March meeting, wheu the society will meet in Ypsilanti.