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Era pales In heaven the mornma star, A lrd, tho loveliest of ita kmd floM-s Dawn's lalnt footfall rom alaiWhite all lts mates are duoio una DtlOff. It, 8 u wee, sad-colored thioíT, A.3 shy and eecret as a maui, Ebat, ere ín choir tlie roblns Bin?, . Kipes lts nwn name like ore afram. It 8íem3 paln-prompted to tepeat The story of bohío ancieüt lli. But Phoehe! Phoebo! sadly sweei. Ia all ít says, and then is stil). It calis and listene : Eartu and sky, Hushed by tío pathos oí U fale, Lisien; no whisptT of reply . , Comea fíom ltn doSm-dissereMB mal. Phoebe! it calis and calis agaln, Au1 ovid, cernid be buthaví heant. Had huns a leffondary palo , About tho meinory of the mrd; A paiu articúlate so long . la penance of aome mouluerta eximo Whose ghost stlll fliea the Furies' Uiodk Down the waste eolltudes ot tims; Waif of ilie young World's wonder-hoar, Wheu goda fnund mortal maidens jait, And will malifta wa8 jolned with po,wor Lovfc's kindly lawsto overbear. Like Progne, diiK feo! tbe stMis And coil of tb prev.iiling worde Close round ita belng "A compresa Mnu'j ampler nature to a blrd'ai1 Une ouly uieuiory lefi of all The raotley crowd of tanished m-mes, Hers- aud rala impulse to recall Hy fepetition what it uieane. Phoebe! íb all it basto say Iq plaiEtivo cadenee o'er nnd o'r, Like ehildren tha! have lost their way And kaow their uames, but nothiug more. Ib it a type, eiuce Nature's lyre Vibrates lo every not.) in maa, Of that iuBatiable deaire, Meant to be so aluce lifo begau i I, in slrantce lauda at gray of daWH, Wakeful, n:vc heard that frmtless plamt Through Memory's ehainbers deep withdrawn Renew its iteraUens faint. Sonih! yet from veniotest yeais It seeins to draw its magie rife, With louaings unappeased aud tears Drawu Iroui the very souree of Ufe.


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