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The Pocklington Grape

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Samuel Miller, the orlginator of the Martha grape and the Captain Jack strawberry, endorses the Poeklington grape, as follows: Last Fiiday I received trom John Charlton, of Rochester, a small basket of Pocklington in most excellent condition, and nothing-, for a long time, afforded u-, more pleasure. Although the fruit was taken from yinea panted only twenty-nine montbs ago, and thevines left to oveibear, for the purpose of ascertaining what they coulddo, some of thebunches weighed over half a pound, and some of the berries measured almost one inch in diameter. In quality, it is, to my taste, just about good enougl), It is some what the Martha, but less foxy and better. We learn that Mr. Poeklington, the originator, sent four shoots to an exliibition with three bunches on each, and the twelve bunches weighed ehiven pounds. This bas probably never been done before with any American grape. A peculiarity about t is that many of tho smaller berriea mve but a single seed, white the averige is but two, the largest bèrries usually three, and in one I fouud f o ,r. The seeds are small for so largo fi ;rape. Here is nearly all rich, sweet, uttery matter, instead of good part of the beny being composed oí seed. If my judgment is correct, f. urteen jounds of those grapes will make a galon of wine, and it will make a good wine without doubt. It wil], hovvever, e someears before much wine will be made out of it, for it will be in too great a demund for ihe table. "While the Martha has done wobly, and thousands of acres are planted with it - and I need not be ashamed of ïaving originated it - I now resign, , and give the palm 10 Mr. Pocklington. t is a strong grower, an looks as ïealthy as iny vine I ever saw. I have no vines for sale, therefore no axe to grind, but simply write this so that those who intend to plant should not Ml to plant it. It is a most beau,iful fruit. The seeds can be seen, if a berry be held between the light and one's eye. I have had the fruit siiice last Triday, Oct. 28, and this evenin? a buneh of it is iresh and sound. This, after raveiing a thousnd miles by bxpress, tells what its keeping qualities are.


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