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The Difficulties Of Arctic Exploration

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Just when the news of the discovery . ,t the Burvivors of the Jeannette arrived here a scientific expedition was preparing to quit 8t. PeterBburg to explore the mouths of the Lena where they landed. This expedition leares this evening under the direction oi N icolas J urgens, omeer 01 me corps ua pilots. He and a mathemeticiau, M. Eigener, are charged with the astron3tnical and meteorological observations. A. medical doctor, M. Bange, will direct the aoological and botanical researches. In addition to these the expedition will be composed of eleven soldiers, two oí whom are Cronstadt marines. Othere will be taken f rom the local troops at Irkutsk. The expedition goes by way of Moscow and Nijni Novgorod, where it will provide itself with the provisions, clothing and instrumenta uecessary, besides five sleighs for their conveyance. From Nijni it will proceed to Irkutsk by way of Ekaterinourgand Toinsk. Next spring it wiil leave Irkutsk and will proceed by the Lena towarti the frozen sea. As the limi of the wooded regions is at a grea distance from the mouth of the Lena, the expedition will have to eonvey with it from Yakutsk the wood necessary for coustructions and firing. The expedition will begin its scientific labora on August 1, 1882, and will continue them until the same date in 1888. Tuis expedition is naturally independent from the three otheis whieh, by order of Gen, Ignatieff, will employ the most rapid means oí reaching the shipwrecked people, but its program will give au idea ot' the efforts whieh must have been made and the difflcultiee suruiounted by the messengers who brought the newa, and of tho ordeals through whieh the BtJrvivora will have to pass befoie they arrive it Yakutsk. - Ut. Petersburg üispatch to theN. Y.Herald, Hope college of Holland, Ottawa county, has ui endowment oí 70,000 seven buildings, of which two ace brick ; grounds, building and library valued at $45,000 ; library of 4,700 volumes, 8 professors, and 121 studente. A weekly newspapernanied Dellope is published in the Holland language. Women students are admitted. The college is sustained by the Dutch reformed ohurch. The appointment of Professor Hilgard as superintendent of the coast nur vey is favorably conimerittd on liy ili. He has been practicalry the head of tkis service for several years, and is eminent for nis ability as a scieni ■ Maith;i Healts, a school teacher of Flint, aajtd iöyeans, connnitted suicide b drowning on the 8li. 8be had ai t-'d stranpely for somt 1:iys, and wns thought to be partially insanc.


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