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Additional local on second page. The postoffiee war is raging. Ilumpty Dumpty tliis evening. Considerable tax money is yei back. Prof. Allen was in Lanslng Saturday. Only 22 interments in Saline cemetery n 1881. The rivor was fairly alive with skaters Monday. G. W. Crops.'j' has discontinued his telephone. Special meeting of Golden Rule lodge this evening. Presidenl Angelí will sail fot Liverpool the 27th inst. Rose Eytinge and company put up at the St. James. The merry jingle of sleigh bells were heard yesterday. The old relief engine - what was left of t- was sold for $04.10. The Swedish quartette will be entertained at the Cook house. Prof. Ford for the ncxt two weeks will lecture to the lady medie. Aid. McOmber has resigned the aldermanship of the sixth ward. C. Cornwell is to erect a palatial residence in Ypsilanti this year. Several farmers in this viciuity are using wagons with wider lires. The Humpty Dumpty troupe are registered at the Leonard house. The different departrcents of tüe university are again in f uil blast. Joe T. Jicoba is olïering bargains in overcoats. See change of ad. J. C. Bontecou held forth in the Unitarian church Sunday afternoon. Rev. Mr. Stowell of Boston, occupied the Unitarian church pulpit Sunday. The will of the late Dr. Bliss was recorded in the registers office yesterday. The ten members of the new agrie ultural society are known as "re-adjusters." Bilis on the general fund wcre allowed Monday eveuing to the amount of' $505.01. Remember the lecture to be given Saturday eveuing by the Hon. Sherniar Hogers. Benj. H. Martin and wife of Bay Uity have been spending i few days in the city. II. E. Frazer will assist prosecuting at tornty Whilman in the Sophie Lyons case. Arihur Coe of the township of York, has taken up bil residence near Fife Lake. The Saline reform club is happy. There are no outstantling debts, and money on hand. Considerable properly is changing hands in Ypsilanti, and brings a good price. Geo. W. Bain next Sunday. Don't fail to hear this eloquent temperance advocate. Manly & Harailton expect to move their office into the Ilamillon block in a few days. Wood is selling ai the yards in this city, at the rate of $9 per cord for tour foot wood. The Milati postofflce is to be moved frora its present location to tlie Palmer building. The lumber and üinber in the old bridge which stood neíir Swift's mili, brought $84.16. Adam Forepaugti'a mammotb consolldation will visit tbia city during the coming summer. The Isulies' homeopathie aid associulion pay the expense of keeping Geo. LeYau in the hospita!. Tuesday, a week ago, the Xational bank reportad the receipta and disbursetnenis at ly, 524.70. The pólice, recorder Douglas. and city attorney Knowlton have drawn their pay for December. Judgu Joslin ñus given the jurymeu to understand that they must be present wlien wanted. There will be a meeting of the ladies' homeopathie aid assoeiaiion at 3 o'rlock this aftemoon. The fast flj'ers were out yesteida3r aftemoon and State streel presen ted a lively ap pea ranee. Prederick B. Sclilicht Tuet-duy signified his intentiou of beeominga citizen of the United States. Policeman Porter, flve arrests in December, fees, $25.19; policeman Mülman, six arrcsts, $31.65. Thursday nií;lit a house owned and occupiecl by Elizabeth Potter in YpsilantI, was cousumed by lire. C. II. Milieu, agent lor tlie Home hisurance , company, settlcd the loss on Swift's mili Monday. The funeral of the late Frederick Kempf, Tues.lay, was oue of the largest ever held in this city. Rev. AI. V. Iiork who taught school in Salino some years ago was married recently to Miss Anna West. Mis. Win. Wulsli, of Nortlifleld, relurued from Detroit Tuesday where she had bet'U visitiug frieuds. Gov. Ashley and AJex. W. Hamilton ! have telephonic conuectiou with their resideuces aud the exchange. Anold colored geuileman who h:id ded ia Dixborofor sometime, died Friday at the good oli age of 99 yeais. R. E. Frazer spoke íd Ypsilanti Sunday, in place of Geo. W. Bain, wlio went to Detroit to fill Geu. Dow's place. Eleven tramps were taken to Ionia Frid;iy from Ypsilanti. Tuis is what we would cali a Wholesale business. Miss C'hilds a teacher ín the first wai'd school has resigned, aud Miss Nettie Ailcs bas been appointcd iu hei place. Will Reltich fouud a pocket book last week contaiuing a sum of mooey, and returned it lo Ihe lady wlio lost it. The estáte of the late Martha M. Snow was closcd in the probate court Tuesday, and the administrator discharged. At the opera house Saturday evening, Mr. Bain will deliver his celebiated lecture eutitled "Aoross the Contiuenl." Wm. iJaul has purchased of Geo. Neisly 180 acres of land in Saline township, for whieh he paid $12,600 spot cash. The funeral of the late Mrs. Howland oer-.urred in Ypsilanti Friday. She htd been a resident of the place for 38 years. Bev. J. N. Scott of Ypsilanti, has been obliged on account of failing liealth to resigu the paslorateof the Baptist church. Oscar O. Sorg has moved into his new place of business No. 00 South Main streel, adjoininj? Keck's furniture store. Miss Clara Laphain, for many years a resident of Detroit, died at the residence of Milo Clark in York, Friday aged 49 yeavs. A. H. Godsmith and C. II. Cady are to erect a business block in Ypsilanti, on the corner of Washington and Congress streets. Jas. B. Gott is 'to occupy the room soon to be vacated by A. W. Hamilton, wbo wlll bave bis oííice in the Hamilton block. Tbe postoffiee question bas again been re-opened by tbe governmeut. Where tbe new office wi'il be located isa't now knowu. The bavu of Milton Reynolds in Salem township, was insured í'or $500 In tlie Washtenaw mutual for Mack & Scbmid's benefit. Tbe Keck manufaeturlng corapauy has declared a serni-aunual íividend of Ö per cent, and wil! increase tbeir capital stock to $40,000. Our citizens will have au opportunity ot hearing John B. Gough who is to lecture ic tbe opera house January 24, on "Blunders." Geo. W. Bain wiil deliver bis celebrated leeture "Tbe Golden Age or the Land we Live In," at the Unilariau chursh Saturday night. The expresa and telegraph offices will be moved as soon as the new postüflice building is erected ou the corner of Mum and Ann streels. The Evening News speak in excellent tering of "Humpty Dumpty," and says it is the best entertainment of the kind ever given in Detroit. Chas. H. Worden is president, Miss S. Speechley, secretary and E. A. Spencc, treasurer, of the temporalice alliance orKanized in this city. In the case of Sarah .1. Bagley against E. W. Wallace, the plaintiff has been given until February il to serve and file a bilí of exceptious. J. B. Thompson has communced snit against the 1., A. A. & G. road for services perforraed. The summona is returnable to-morrow. Samuel W. Piercy, ivho recently play ed withthe "Legión of Honor" combinatiou at the opera house, died Monday, in Boston, of small-pox. Toledo Journal: Dr. J. y. Newton left for Ann Arbor last evening, expecling to trade his pacer, "Happy Jack," for a pair of pacing ponies. Chaff says that Mr. Geo. W. Knight of this city and Miss Mariettie Barns.daughter of the Hon. O. M. Barna of Lansing, are to be married to-day. A fire in Swift's mili Friday morning called out the department, luit their services were not ueeded as it was put out with a few p iils of water. Mr. Herrick, late of Anu Arljor, now of Toledo, has a five-year-old white mare - a half sister to "Mollie Morris," that is quite iaat and is promising. Oscar Calvin who cuused the arrest of Mary Whipples on the charge of stealing $25, did not put in an appearance Friday and the justice dlscharged her. Treasurer Gruncr received frora city treasurer Schuh Monday $10,000 school tax.Jmaking in all $13,000. There is a balance yet back of $6,003.37. The trial of young Beahan and Smith, for the alleged larceny of a walch has been continued until next Hooday on account of the slckness of Beahan. Justice Forsyth of Tpsilanti, is said to bo (loing a lively business - that he is sending up more trampa every week thun all the justices in lliis city togetlicr. Ben F. Norris and Wm. M. Allestcr Ikis received i judgment for $927.13 agniusl (co. (.'. 1,'age adoiini.strator of the cslate if Bonj. J. Sutton, deccased. O. M. Martin is probably the oldest un duitakcr in the state, liaving been engaged in the business sinee He tiist opened a shop in Newark, N. J. At the temperauce meeting Sunday, J. C. Bontecou succeeded in raising f 520 to flght the liquor question. Thus far $720 lias huun secured in this city for thut purpose. Noyes A Darling,a dental student,died Monday afternoon after a week's illness, from what was. thought to be blood poisoning. He was from Raw Ridge, this state. In the circuit court Tuesday C. Krapf recovered a judgment against Wm. Cas" pary for $lol,0(i, and Ishi Kelsey against C. H. Miileu and uthers for $1,281.33 and costs. The aldcrmau of tlie third waid should iollow the exaraple of ttaeir predecessors and have the sidewalks cleaued of suow. Why don't you Bet the enow plows at work? The case of the people againsl Sophia Lyons will becalied to-niorrow. She will be defended by Col. John Atkinson of Detroit, and J. F. Lawreuce, Esq. , of this city. Last Wednesday erening the safe in Porsyth'a grocery, Ypsilaoti, was broken open and $622 secured. The money had been luft by Chas. Lewis' housekeeper for safe keeping. Those who were unable 10 altend the Iluniply Dumpty enteitainment lastevening, will have an oppoitunity to do so this evening for H will be repeated at the opera house. Ann Arbor and ipsiIanU omcials should gu into partnership business on the tramp business. Tbere seeras to be a strife as to who can inake the greatest number of arreste. The halls in the basement of the court house have beeu given auother coat of tnortar. When the building was turned over to the county the basement had not all beu finisheJ. Theo. L. DeForest appointtd special admiuistmtor ou the estáte of ltobort L. Qeddes, deceased. Tliaddeus Sheriuan admiuistrator of the estáte of James H. Sherman, deceased. Thos. Honey who was convicted of druukenuess in the justice court anci eurried the cuse to the circuit court, was found guilty Monduy. Sentence will be pronouuced next week. Mr. and Mis. J. W. Knight, and Earl Knight left for Lansing yestcrday to atleod the marriage of tíeo. W. Kuight to Miss liarns. Tlie yuung couple will go on a tour to New Orleans. For over seven weeks Henry Richards and E. Bycraft have had several cars of wood ut Milan, which they inteud to bring to this city w henever they can get the Toledo road lo draw it. .1. Wagner, Jr., one of the parties who saved the railroad bridge above the city froin destruction by flie söme months ago, is the father of a bouncing boy. The üttle fellow only weighedll pounds. The tax of $0.97 on personal property which was wrongfully assessed against Jas. üishop, was refunded by the council -the recorder beiug instructed to draw a warrant on the contingent fund for the amouut. "Peter Whelstone, " the oíd pacer, is dead. He dropped right dowu and qui' with ihe liarness on a short time since, in his '2'd year. Such is life. He was owned nuar Aun Albor, says the Toledo Journal. Hou. Sherinau Rogers of Buffalo, N. Y., who is said lo bc one of the nuest speakers in the country, is to deliver a lecture next Saturday evening in the law lecture room before the civil service association. The followhig juryineu have been excused: David L. Perkins, Salem; James Lucas, Webster; E.H. Scott, Aun Arbor tovvn; Uuy Beckley, Aun Albor city; A. Williams, Ypsilauti; John H. Kingsley, Manchester. The recorder has been instrucled to druwta warrant for $10 on the couiiugeut luud to the oider oï Mrs. Henry Horu to assist her in payirjg her taxes. She is a poor vvomau wüh 10 chilüren, and in poor circuinstances. Monday night in Ypsilanti, buj-glars entered N. T. Thornton's store and McCormick's meat market. They also tned to eiïect au eutrttnce in Mclnstry's tobáceo store but were frightened away by the night watchmau. "Ofliceis elecled by the Aun Albor Schutzeubund: President, Johu Wulz; vice president, F. Sorg; secretary, A. Eisele; trcasurer, Pred Schmid; Ist sohutzenmasler, Fred Graf; second scliut'zeuuiHster, Fred Wuster. When the case of the people agaicst Douglas Bcalian aud Eugene Smith was calltd Mouday in the circuit court, P. Martin, the coinplaining Witness, did not appear aud sheriff Wallace starled Iwo orïicers iuto the country after him. The remaius of the late Mrs. Mary A. Beebe, wife of Dr. Jas. A. Beebe, oí Weslfielci, N. Y., and daughter of Seldon W. and Margaret Bhurtiefl, of Auu Ar bor lown, were brousjht liere Mouday for burial. The funeral was held yesterday. Juo. Goff, colored, was arrested Monday qy dtputy sheriff Warren, for indecent couduct, lauguage and behavior against one Laura Cox, colored. ïhe defeadtwt pleaded uot guilly.anj on uiotion the case was contiuued until January 18, oefore justice Winegar. We are pleased to note the nnpioveïnent in the Tuscolo Advertiser.published at Caro, Tuscolo county, which appeared last week as a quarto. Under the able management of Mr. Geo. II. Pond, the Advertiser has been made one of the best weekly papan iu the state. The finante committee of the council recommeudsd the allowance of the following suuiis on thediilerent funds: First ward, $15; second ward, $46.10; third ward, $25.30; fourth ward, $17.50; fiflh ward, $7.50; sixth ward, $1.08; general stieet, $28.88; contingent, $307.09. The followiug acldilioual jurymen were drawn Tuesday by the elerk and justices Winegar and Clark: Myron E. Knapp, Salem; Michael O'IInra, Webster; Augustus Isbell, Aun Albor towc; Spencer Lenon, Ann Arbor city; John Harria, Ypsianti city; John Braun, Manchester. The First National bank elected the following directora Tuesday: E, Wells, C. H. Bichmond, Israel Hall, J. M.' Wheeler, Jas. Clemente, Ileury Cornwell, J. A. Scott, Wm. McCreery, and J. W. Knight. Tbc board elected E. Wells, president, and P. Bash, vice president. Not a day passes tbat some one is not swindled on false weight. A gentleman ecently purchased a cliicken at a grocery store in this city, and for some réason he concluded to hare it weigbed. He discovered tbat the cbicken bad ehruuk just six ounces in going aeross the Street. Thesuit of Miss Carrle Noj'es against Jlaiy E. FoBter, wbich was taken up on a writ of certorira from juslice Winegar, and argued two duys iast week before judgu Joslin, was on Mouday decided in favur of the phüntiff; The justiee's de. cision was sustained in every particular. The constables don't propose any longei (SO tliey say) to let the deputy sberiffö do all the business of ruiming tráinps to louia, and now go lor every man who is so uufortunute as to have a ragged suit of clotbes on. Twenl-one tramps have been sent up from this place in the past weeK. Mr. Nellio Bailey who was injured by falliug luiough a shievvalk in the flftü waid in frout of proniises owued by Mrs. Lucy Morgan, asks daniages ot liic couu1 iu tiie sum of $á,Ul'U. The matter iius been referred to a special coniiuitlee consisüug of Aid. Beisiuier, Wl'igllt and Keech. One day last weck Daniel Starts of Hamburg carne lo the city with several bugs of beans. He unloaded tlieiu in a Jlain street grocery, aud üaviug business elsewüere went to altend to il. Ou liis return lie diseovered tliat Ihe bags liad been untied and a quant ity of the beans laken out. Y. J. Kiersted who keot a small kat store adjoiiiing Geo. Clarken's saloon sorne years ago, is now „head salesman tor Dewey t!c Stoue, who are engaged in the book business iu Ouiaha. öir. sted receives a Balury oí $á,00ü pur year, and during the past seasou bas built two dweüing houses at ai expense of $2,0ÜU eken. The best piace in the city lor tlie postoffice is ou the corner of Main aud Anu streets, opposite the Dulïy block. The locatiou is lavored by more than half ilie citizens, and a large number oí busiucbs men. Ahaudsome uew building on lilis corner (and nioney enough will be coutributed to build il) wuuld bu an ornament to the piace. 'l'üe poüiologicttl meeting Saturday was laigeiy utteudeu. J. l). Baldvvin cxuibued oeveiai bpeciineus of yams and a quanlily of cotiou seed liom Mississippi. Prof. frtcott deiivered au address ou lüe sauHary,iutltienuo,oi preserving fiuits, aud discussiou foilowed by P. L. Tage, Proís. iS'iclioJs aud Jiaur, J. D. Buldvviu, and Prof YViueüell. Company F, Ypsilanti ligiit guard elected ofricers last week: Captain, CJ. V. Üoweu; flist lieutenaut, J. H. jUauuiug; secoud lieultiuaut, F. ii. Patlee; tirst sergeant, S. Fergusou; president, J. H. jVlanuiug; vice president, F. J5. Pattee; seuretary, W. J. iiyzer; treaaurer, ï. W. McAndiew; trubtees, U. 1. Royera, 11. ia. Boutell aud John Matüews. For tlie ensuing six moutns the reform club will be uiauaged by the folio w ing I otiicers: J. Schumaeüer, president; Chas. Boylau, ï. Kearns and C. K. Öpence, vice presidenta; J. B. Saunders, recordiug secretary; John Boylau, tinaucial secrelary; ü. J. Fisher, treaaurer; VVüliain Copeland, steward; N. butherland and Henry Richards, marshals; W. Mattnews, sergeant-at-arins; tíeorge Collins, janitor. The Catholic mutual beuefit assuciatiou elected ofücers as foilovvs Wediiesday evening: Piesidétt, M. O'Brien; viso presidenta, Wiiham Caspary, T. J. Sullivau; recording secretary, M. Seery; assistaut secretary, 1'. A. Dignan; finan cial secretary, C. P. Carey; treasurer, A. Eisele; marshal, R. Burus; naide, J. Mauuiiig; trustees, David Kicsey, D. J. Robs, J. Baumgartner. Tjie De.mockat ís agaia called to chrouicle the death of aa oíd pioneer üf this couuty. Mr. Frederick Kempf of Northfiüld, who died Buddenly of heart disease Öaturday. over 10 years lie had beeu a resident of the tovvuship, and was honored and respected by the whole community. He was 08 years of age last July. He leaves a wil'e and seveu childreu and a large cirely of friends to inourn his loss. The board ot direetors of the Foresl liill cemelery company met Monday and elected the íollowing offleers: President, J. Austin Scott; vice president, P. Bach; secretary, E. B. Pond; treasurer, E. Manu. Standing commiltees were also appointed: On avenues, C. H. Richmoiid, J. M. Wheeler, E. Maun; lots and spaces, W. W. Wines, E. B. Pond, J. A. Scott; üuance, II. 8. Dean, P. Bach, Wu, Wagner; vaults, J. A. Scott, H. 8. Dean, E. B. Fond. The following is the coudition of the different f uruls as rcpoited to the council Monday evening by recorder Douglas: General fund, overdraft, $1,016. 8G; general stieet, $9,008.05; riist ward, overdraft, $134.90; second ward, ou haud, $29.00; thiid ward, overdraft, $868.98; fourth ward, overdraft, $519.49; fifth ward, overdraft, $120.90; sixth ward, overdraft, $034.30; contingent lund, on hand, $2,700.97; cemetery fund, ou haud, $2.72; dog tax, overdraft, $7.20. Of the Swedish Quartette the Boston Journal says: The metnuers of the Quartette not only possess remarkably üne voices, but they know how to use them with artistic tfi'ect - the perfection of quartette singing. - The cordial greeting by a large and appreclative audieuce was more than recompeifged. - Louisville Daily News.- The Quartette is oue of the best balanced and harmonious which has ever appeared in tiiis city.- San Francis co Chronicle. - The concert will be giveu at university hall to-niorrow evening, Saturday niht as i freight train reached Wayue junction going east, a biakeman carne up missing. The engineer of the night express wiis notified to keep a look out for the missing man, and this side of Ypsilanti he was discovered lying on the side of the tiack, huving been run over. One leg was terribly rnangled. The night was stormy and the brakeman whose uame was Patrick Marouey had lain in the rain for au hour and a half. lic was brought here, and the injured limb amputated at the hospi. tal. The success of Mr. and Mr. Geo. S. Knight, in the play of "Baron Rudolph" is said to bo sitnply immense. The New I York Sunday Couricr says the play is infinitely better than aDytbing the Khights have ever been seen in beforc, and althougk that versatile artist, Mrs. Knight, bas not quite as much to do as she sliould have, sbe wears tlirec very elegant toilets and filis her role most aeceptably. AsRudolpkMr. Knigbt does a rcinark ably flne piece of actiug, especially in th# second act, wbere he appeara as a tramp. Ilis voice is strong, inauly, and as effcctive in pathos as it is in cotnedy. Ilis make-up is simply wonderful. The Knights have drawn the largest audiences ever known at the G'ind Opera House. The civil board of Company A met Thursday eveninu and elected the following offlcers: President, Z. Roath; vice president, 8. B. Revenaugh; secretary, L. F. Hoben; flnancial secretary, J. Farrell; treasurer, C. E. Hiscock; sergeant3, M. J. Ü'Brien, 8. B. Revenaugh, Albert Sorg, Z. Roath, L. F. Hoben; eorporals, Joseph Dietz, II. French, M. Sheehan, J. Farrell, C. Grossuian, J. C. Howley, Christian Schleicher, II. lioss; color sergeant, Chas. King; bugler, C. Edwards. The following comraittees were also appointed : Ways and means, C. H. Manly, C. E. Hiscock, S. IB . Revenaugh ; finance J. F. Schub, M. O'Brieu, L. F. Iloben. claims and accounts, O'Brien, Hoben aud Schub; arras, uniforma and equipments, J. W. llamilton, Reveaaugh and J. Farrell; memberebip, Hiscock, C. Grossmau, Hamilton; rent of hall, Schuh, llamilton and Koath. The board of education met Tuesday evening, W. D. Ilarrimau, president, presiding. A large number of bilis were allowed. All scholars above the fourth grade, living west of Main street between the third and fojrth ward.s, according to a resolution, will, hereafter, be obliged to attend the third warfl school. The gum of $10 was appropriated for the purchase of supplemenlary reading books for the caildreu in the lower grades, in Ihe ward schjols. A conimunication from Miss Auuie Brucker, of Slielby, ühio, relativa to au uppointment as teacher, was ceived aud filed. Trcasurer Giunei reported the amount of school money to be raised in the town of Ann Arbor at $1,464.48 and the tuition received up to the present time belween $3,300 and $3,400. Prof Winchell addressed the board relative to changing the Latin gramruar in the high school. No attiou was taken on elecling a trustee to iill the vacaucy oc casioned by the resignütion of P. Donovan.


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