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L. B. Kellogg & Co.

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HERE WE COME WITH 50,000 BOTTLES 11 EELLiSClillT MEBIEHKES! DR. KELLOGG'S DB. KELLOGG'S LIVERINVIGORATOR MAGIC RED DROpS! Is a cure for all manner of acute pains. Colitis a tonic, diuretlc and alterativo It puren ,,re„'iamOrfU!lcholera iniantum' Painsin che!ilHvercomplaïnts.scrofulaandpurWestheWood- IZlf'to f Ík ktomac1}. Palpitation of the givee tone and strengt!. ín cits" f debflity gf"L reiief WhLT V doi7one creases the appetite and renovales the whole fhl Í5f „ n aPPhed s a Imiment, curm Price' BB. KELLOQG'S DB. KELLOGG3 CATHARTIC PILLSl Are purely -vegetable. They neither nauscat Tl' t T-i -i . fhestomach.griPeor constípate the bowels: bul llilVlUilü luUillU JLlOfVUUlj 1 the bowels free and regular. They should bo " " employed in cases of biliiousness, fever aeue It is a .peedy and reliable cure for every decon6tiPation' "digestión, etc. scnption of lung disease. It never fails to give np TruT T nna'O renef to bronchitis, colds, coughs, asthma lung -K-JjIjOÖQ S lever, croup, sore throat, hoarseness, &c, &c , and nrï,„-,," f ' J J in consuinption, where a cure is possible itmay L II QiïYlïïl 071 U lïllWIj PYl t be relied upon. Itscertain reliability in the cure wiivjj v u I u V U IV 1 lt V II il . of croup and pnlmonory diseases, makes it a It cures salt-rheum sores cuta bruises and all desirable lamily Frtoi Price, 25 cents per kinds of skin diseZs For piles U if th ?ver" e' best in use. Price, 25 cents per box. SOLD BY DBÜGGISTS GENERALLY, AND H. J BBOWN & CO DRTJGGISTS OP ÏHTS CITY. Proprietors, A.NT2ST ARBOR, MICHIGAN.


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