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Xhe net dimlnution ol the National debt last pear was $102,611,777. Both the Hudeon and Conaectlcut tirers are now nearly closed to navigatlon. Gold and silver in paying quantities are sald to have been diieovered In Burlington, In diana. Parsonage and church property notforming an integral part of the church wlll hereafter be taxed in Phlladelphia. It is atated nfflcially that passenger and freiRht traffic over the J, ffersonvllle, Mdison and Indianayolis road for the year 1880 was the heaviest of auy jear in the hUtory of the road. Daring 'he month of December, the mcreae in the star and ateamboat service was 88,881, and the decrease 210,831, leaving a net star reduction of over 171,000. Reports received at the postofflce department indícate the continued Bpread of smaU-pox throughout the country. Both hou-es of congress were in session Jan. 5th, but nothing noteworthy in the way of legislation was acsompliaDed. The special committse ou commerce submits a report looking to iinprovement of American interes. Hawk of Ulinoia has mtroduceu n urn in congresstoreorganlze, arm and discipline the militia. It pioïides for the anrollinent of all able-bodied male citizens betweon the age of 18 and 45. The warden tbiuks Uuite'au begin U realize the danger he is in, aud ia losing bis loudlyuiouthed coufidenco In an acqmtta) by the CC. Clay dieJ at Huntsvillft, Ala. Dnceased was Onited States senator of Alabama beforo tho war and a confedérate stale senator during the war. Mrs. Senator Logan and otber leaiiing ladies in Washington society formed an association calleó "Guardián Augele," which purposes exertiug social influence npon congressman in bebalf of teuiperauc. The net diminution of tbt. natioaal debt last year was $102,611,877. Both tbo Hudson and (Jounecticut rivers are nnw ïicarly c1obm1 to np.vigation. Palmer, Ex-City Auditor ot Newark, N. J., has pieaded guilty to eight iudictments for forgery, and has beeu reinanded to jall. The Hudson river is frozen over at Albany, N.Y. Mr. Fred J. Phillips is toeucced Mr. J. Stanley Urown as prívate secretary to President Arthur. A Jew miined Wise hus been fiued $25 by a justice of the penco Ín Lnke, 111., for peddliDg horsefleah for beef. The county poor houseB al Macón, 111., have burued at a lo?s of f15,000. The Central Bank at Topeto, Ks., has been organized, with a capital of $100,600. Hod. T. O. Howe, the new postmastcr general, has appointed his aon chief clerk. Senator Logan expresBes astonishinent at Gen. Grant'sespousal of Fiíz John Porter', case, and says he can't understand it, An Illinois member has introduceü a bilí in congress to reorganizo tbe mllitla, by enrollin all able bodied mn between the ages of 18 and 45. A powder exploeiou at Aekaloosa, Iowa, on Ihursday, resultinfí from a careless usa of a rifle in target practice, caused the death of thiee boyg, The keeper of Guiteau soys he will now enforce the tule, excludiLg ali visitore excepthis counsel and relativen. The north bound passenger tralu on the Decatur división of the LouisviUe and Nashville allroad, collided wlth the teareudof afreight tralu wliich had broke iu two, near Overtuns station Wednesday night, kUling Engineer Noah Stokes and Fireuiau Sam Weir instantly. Stokes' face and cheet were badly burned and Weir's body slightly. A good deal of syrup made in Alabama this season is found to be unfit for use, because the sugar-cane from which it was icade was grown in cow pens. The stalks of the cañe were unusimlly fine, but the flavor of the eyrup ia said to be absolutely nauseou. William H. Guoin, the steauiship mau, is suffering from fractures of both bonesof his left forearm, the result of a fall upon the steps of his house. The Boston Memorial Assoclatlon have been uiBtructed to collect contributlons for a statue to President Garfleld, to cost uotless tlian J!10,000. 3, W. Draper, M. D, LL.D., the most eminent of American scientist?, died this week at Hastings-on-the-Hudson, ajfed 71 years. Scoville announces that he will accopt $1,000 offer for the dead body of Guiteau, tbe inoney to pay uuueau a ubuib. iuopuijhasernms tbe risk " Guiteau not being hanged. The presidiug judge authoiizas interrogatories, concerning tbe treittnent recived by Mis. flhristiancy, frotn the ex-minister, at Laneing andln Peru, In be sent toiheHonsof the lattm f or answer. Ex-Minister Stoughtoa died ou Saturday. Buildings on Broadway, New York, owned by ex-Minister John Jay and the Lorillard estate, were partly buraed on Saturday, with a loss of $75,000. In St. Louis business housea opposite the Lindell hotel were burned with their contente, the loss amounting to 250,000. A fireman in hls zeal opened ono of the pipes iü the hotel without attaching the hose and ruined severa! thousand dollars worth of freseoes and furniture. Orders have been sent f rom San francisco to New OrleanBtoprovide freight room in Marcb and April for 180,' 00 buBhela of wbeat to be shipped to Great Britain. Tbia wheat will be shipped trom California to New Orleans by the Southern Pacific railroad and thence by steamer. Those who oppose the oonfirmation of the grant of right-of-way to a railroad through the Choctaw Indians' reservation, not only allege fraud in the proceediugs but assert that the consent of theChickasaws is neccssary to make the grant binding. ö. P. Eaton son of Gen. Lueiern Eaton of St. Louis, Mo., while skating at Waltbatn, Mass., broke through the ice and was drowned. There are inüications tiiat the Sprague divorce case will be adjusted durins the present montb. The Toledo, O., üouring milis have been burued at s$10,(j00 to the insurance companies. Hon. John Pierpont, chiet jusüce of the Bupreme court at Vermont, died on Ihe 7th. Kichard H. Dana, Jr„died in Rome, Italy, on the 7th. Fosterwas inaugurated governor of Ohio for his uecond term on the 9th, thn attendant ceremonies being a military display, etc. Drafts sent to Guiteau recently, the reception of which caused some coinment, have been found wortbless. A building and coetly machinery belonging to Havormeyer & Eidor, sugar dealers, in BrooklyD, were destroysd by fireSunday afternoot. Loss. $1,5ÖO.UOU; iusurance, $900,000. One thousand worïmen out of eniployment. Chicago' death rato last year was 2SK per UiouBaud inhabüantsan inciense of five deatbs per thousand people over Ibe preceding year. Thesenate voted a special comniittee on womau suflrage. The decisión was arrived at by a strict división of parties, the Bepublicans favoriug and the Democrats opposing the measure, Jones ol Florida alone excepta. THK JEANNBTTE CHEW. Saulkowski, who wentia search of tho Jeaunette, aud met the United Stiltes steamer Bod gers engagediu tho same uiíbhíoü, lelographs froui Irkoutek, (latei December 26, as iollowe: uWo partvd the 9th of Augur-t from the Rodgers which steared for Her ld Island. ïhe Stielok, with the Breinen exjiedition on board, then returned to Chinese ports, havmg previously accompanied tlie Rodgeis in the searcb. An American BCüoouer haviug un board tho captain oí a stranded whaler had joined them iu Provldence bay. The cáptala stated he had seen a boat containing oorpses nnd also eilver spoons nnd other artiolefl, markd "Jeannette." The boat had been cast upon Herald Wand. The commander of the Rodgers therefore resolved to proeeed thliher. He antlclpated wintering there, and, alded by dogs parchased at Kamchatka, organized partios to make a thorougn search of the Ieland."


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