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Bisinarck is reporttxl to have submiitedto the powers a proposai lor a congress to cousider the reestablishmemt ef the Pope's responsibility. O'Brieu, the editor of Oniletl Ireltmi!, the Land League oigan, wil), it 3 said, be reeaBed from jail on account ot failing health provided he will proinise to leaïe the coun try. Tue servants ure ïepoited Uismissed trom the Portugués royal household od suspicion of connection wlth a plot to poison the King. London Tiines oppoaeB any military interier - euce by Eaglauii and Franca ín the internal affaii-8 of Egypt. Earl Derby expresses the hope that no further objection will be made to Bradlaugh's taking the oath &b a meinber of parliaraent. The Calf Rock lightbouse on the west of Ireland, destroyed by a recent storm, stood on a rock from 60 to 99 feet high, and itself was 90 feet in height, and yet it is reported that the waves daehed up so bb to hide the top of it for two minutes at a time, The freedoin of the city of DubliD has boen voted by about 6J per cent of th council to farníll and Dillon. Application has been made to the Lord Lieutenant to allow the two patriota to attend at the City Hall to recetre tho certificates. Kaiser Wilhelm issues tho tollowing edict: "It is iny will that in Prussia, and ulso in the legislativa bodies of the empire, no doubt will be allowed to attach to my constitutional rlght or that of uiy successers to personally direct the policy of the government. It is the duty of my ministers to support iny constitutional rights by protecting them from doubt and ouscurity." Conservaüves in the Germán reichstag have prouiised their support to the government's eccleaiastical bill in the belief that, ïf paesed, it will be preliminary to a general revisión of the Falklaws. A movement is on foot favoring the establishment of democratie government in Spain Cork is f uil of excitement because of arresta of citizens on suspicion. It is reported from St. Petersburg that on the shore of Hernld island, which lies east of Wrangel land, one of the Jeauette's boats containing corpses has been found. The recent rescript of Emperor William to the PruBsian ministry is discussed with keen interest throughout Europe. It is looked upon as the first step towards proteeting the goverumiint from becoining the mere instrument of parüamentary majorities.


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