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The World's Shipping

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-F rom tistics recently compiled in regard to the shipping of the world, it appears that, omitting vessels of less than üfty toiis measurenient, Europe possesses 42 tons to every l,Ü00 inhabitants; America 40; Australia, 79; and Asia and África only two tons per thousand. Liverpool, with a tonnage of 2,647,373, ranks as tlie most important port in the world; followed by London, with 2,330,688; Glasgow, 1,432,364; New York, 1,153,676 tons. The nine leading ports of Great Britain have a tonnage of 8,724,128, while the first four ports of this country have only 1,976,940 tons. Twenty years ago this country carried. 66,per cent. of its foreign trade in American built and American registered vessels, but it has gradually declined until now it is less than eighteen per cent. The gross tonnage of Great Britain and Ireland amounts to about 12,000,000 tons, and including that of the colonies.the British tlag protects 14,000,000 of the world's tonnage of 27,000,000.


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