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Lake Superior As A Fishing Ground

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The Thunder Bay StnUnél, in i late issue, f urnishea the following items relatingto iishing on the west end of Canadian nortli shore of Lake Superior: The result of the work of the season of 1881 has been about the same as that of the previous year so far as the amount of flsh taken is concerned, but the yield to each individual fisherman has been greater, as there have been fewer men engaged in the business duiing this year. So that while there has been a falling off in the number of men employed there has been nearly as large a number of flsh caught as there wei e during lSSO. XI r. Dickson speaks especially well of the gooi work done hy the Lake Superior Fish company in furnishing a market here at Prince Arthur's Landing and taking all the üsh off ered them. AVere it not for the activity displayed by this company in shipping fresh üsh to markets in the United States the flshermen would have been obliged to salt their "catch" and would not have received as large an amount for their season's work. In his report, Mr. Dickson further says of the Lake Superior Fish company, "they have shown a great deal of enterprise and energy in this growing industry in supplying flshermen with outfits, &c. They also purchased from the Government a small steam tug, which they fitted up at considerable expense, thus enabling those engaged to handle their nets in cold weather and with very satisfactory results to all interested. They have shipped in a frozen state 71,570 lbs. of fish to Duluth, U. 8., furnishing thereby three return trips loads to a small tug belonging to that place, and enabling the people here to receive their mails at a much earlier date than could be accoinplished by land route, as without such return freight she would not have venturedtohave taken the risk; she receives only a small amount for the mail service. This work has been accomplished since the large steameis laid up. Fish have been uncommonly plentiful in and around Thunder Bay this spring and f all. The report shows; Nuinber of vessels employed 2 " boats " 26 Value of saine S2,ö85 " neis $2,998 NuuibM" of men 73 Bbls. Wbite Fish 288 " Trout '150 Lbs. Kresh Fish 227,546 Valuo of fish $15,269 Only twelve flshing licenses were taken out duiing tbe season of 1881, and the above is therefore a . bly good showing." Last season there were tour large boats from Oollingwood flshing in the waters of this división; this season they confined their operations to the eastern part of Lake Superior. A boat from Lake Ontario carne here late in the seasou and left before i'all üshing commenced. A fishennan at Uattle Island was disappointed in getttng lna nets. With the exceptiou of the last two instances, all the fishermen seem to be well pleased with the season's work.


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