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The Rock Of Gibraltar

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Great Britain's possession of the rock of Gibraltar is a relie of a by-gone age. lt has í'or many gtjneratioris been a monument of the least agreeable side of European politics. Gibraltar is by position a Spanish fortress, and its name is a synonym for impregnability. Why, then, should it be oceupied by a foreign power? On no theory of fair play can the fart be accounted for, but not till recently has a British lóve of justice seen anything improper in it. Agitation lor the recovery of the fortress is now in progress in Spain, and the English Radicáis to a considei-able extent sympathize witli it. Öentimentalism, however, is not alone at the bottom of the talk of surrender. Modern modes of warfare are such that Gibraltar is not indispensable to British glory. lts harbor is poor and ia commanded by the guns of other forts. Noforcecould take Gibraltar, it is admitted, but that does not iucrease its iunportance to England, for atthia day a rendezvous for the Mediterraneau fleet of iron-clads is of inore importance than a land lort not connected with good anchorage ground for vessels of the class which compose the British navy. ïhere is a harbor on the African coast suitabie to receive the largestneet of the largest men-of-war, well-guarded by foitiflcations, and accessible to supplies from laud. The changes in flf by years in the art ol war would make this port more than an equivalent for Gibraltar, lt is not strange that the moving spirit of Spanish nationality calis for the recovery of the historie fortress.


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