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Au iüieref-tiiig record is thai ot'tevere drougbtó,as far back as the laud iug of lbo Pilgrims. How niauy thousaud times are observations made like followiug: "Such a told season!" "Such a. hot season!" "Such wet wéatherï" 'Such higli wnjdd or calma," et-. liead the fbllowiug list, showiug tho nuniber of days without rain in tlio nimmer of each year given: iu 1621, 24 dajs. lu 1741, 72 days. In 1630, 41 daya. Iu 174), 108 .lays. In 1657, 75 dayg. Iu 1755, 42 days. Iu 1662, 80 days. In 1762, 123 days. Iu 1674, 45 dajs. In 1763, 80 davs. Iu 1688, 81 days. Iu 1791, 82 days. Iu 1694, 62 davs. In 1812, 28 days. Ia 1705, 40 days. In 1856, 24 days. lu 1715, 46 days. Iu 1871, 43 da)B. Iu 1728. 61 days. Iu 1875, 26 days. In 1730, 92 daye. In 1876, 26 days. It will ba seen that ine loi.gest drought thai. ever occurred in Ameriea was iu the surnmer of 1762. No rain íell from the lst of' May to the lst of September. Many of the iohabitants sut to Euglaud f'or hay and grain.- Ex. Clubite A. was telling a story in the club. Clubite B., when it was finished, said: "Well, that reininds me of another auecdote," and lie related it. A_ thereupon remarked: "I don'tseehow what you have told us was recalled by my story." "It," replied B., "because mine was tm tlie same page of Joe Miller as yours." - lioston Conti, r, W. W. Corcoran, the veteran real ts-. tiite ow ner and founder of the Corcoran Art Gallety at "Washington, c brated bis 85dbirthday last week b rteeption, which was attended by inemberi il congress and other prominent citizens.


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