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COOK HOUSE, EH. HUDSON, Proprietor. . Newly Furnished. Ann Arbor. H. R. HILL '1TORNEY AT LAW, oftice No. 3, Opera House Block. Ann Arbor. Michigan. ST. JAMES HOTEL, T?ORMERLY GREGORY HOUSE, Everything JT nw. Wm. H. Lkwis, Prop. W. E. DEPEW, ' FTURN'BULL&DEPKW, attornej at law, V Room 3 Opera House Bloeit, Ann Arbor, Mich. W. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL OFFICE, over Joe T . Jaoob' Clotbiig store. Ann Arbor, Mich. "WILLIAM CASPARY, AKKRY AND CONFECTIONERY, 32 Detroit Strest. JOSEPH CLINTON, Merchant Tailor. shop over Win. AUaby's boot and shoe store, All work guaranteed or no charge. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office, Kos. 2 and 3 HiU's Opera House, Ann Arbor, Mieh. O. C. JENKINS, OUKGKON BENTIST. Rooms No. 19 South O Main Street, oppoiite the Flret National Bank Aun Arbor, Mioh. THOS DALE, the Professional Dyer and Clothes Cleaner.third door Bouth of the Opera House. Samples of work oaa be seeu at the shop . Satisf action guaran teed. ANTON EISELE, DEALER IN MONÜMSMTS and Gravestonet, manufactured from 'i nuessee and Italian Marbla and Scotch and .ïmerican Granite Shop Cor. Udtroit and Catherine sts., Ann Arbor., Mioh. LOUIS ROLAND, DEALER IN TOBACCO, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, and Smokere Articles of all kinds. Also manuf aeturer of Cigars at No . 7 East Huron street, lst door east of tke Express office, Ann Arbor, Mich. stocl entiiíely new. PATRICK. McKERNAN, TTORNEY AT LAW, Notary, Public, Real . Estáte agent, Money to Loan and Records learcbed. Conveyancing and all legal documenta drawn on reasonable terms. Offioe in the oourtaouse, Ann Arbor, Mich. ____ JACOB HALLER & SON, PvEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, SpeetaD cles, Plated Ware. Uold Pens and Fine Jewelry. Special attentiou given to repairiüg Watches and Jewelry. 48 South Main Street. Kxm Arbor. " williawTherz, HOUSE, SIQN, Ornamental and Fresoo Pain ter. Gilding, Calcimining, Glazingand Paper Hanging All work done in the best style and warranted to erive satisf action. Shop, No. 4 West Washington street, Anm Axbor, Michigan. S. B. PARSONS, M. D., Successor to Stone & Parsons, OFFICE AND DI8PENSARY, Corner Huron and Fifth Streats, Ann Arbor, Mich. E C. FRANKLIN, M. D. Prof. of SURGERY, HOMEOPATHIC DEPARTMENT, University of Michigan. Resideuce and offlce41 Liberty street. Dr. Franklin will attend surgical cases here, or by consultaron in different parts of the state. SI'INAL CURVA2URES AXD DEfOBMITIJSS CURED by his improved method. Mr. E. F. Todd Would cali the attention of her old Patrsns to the fact that, having removed her Dressmaking Rooms over A. Wilsey' Music Store, she prepared todo all kinds of Dress and Cloak making In all the latet styleg. Perfect Fits Guaranted. Ohiidren'sclothes a specialty. WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. PIANOS, ORGANS, SHEET MUSIC, Iniitruo-' tion Books, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, &c. , cheap at Wilser's Music Rooms, east side Public Square Ann Arbor, Michigan. The largest and best Stock of Musical Goods erer brought into Washtenaw County. Violin and Guitar Strlngs a specialty. N. B.- It vnll b to your interest to oall baiore purchasing anythinsr in tbe Musio Ha. J. R. SAGE'S MUSIC STORE is the cheapest place to buv Pianos, Estey Organs, Violins. Guitars. Banjos. Tambourines. l5rums, Fife, Flageolets, Zlthcrs. Accordeons. Piano Stools, Violin Boxes, lostruction Books for all kinds of instrumeuts, Sheet Mnsic(new), Strings, best quality, all kinds; liouth Organs, Bridges, Bows, Keys and Rosin. Everything in the music line from a Chickering Piano co a Jew's Harp can be found at J. R. SAGE'S Music Store, No.4 Washington St., Ann Arbor. iOR INSURANCE ON YOUR PROPERTY GO TO C. H. MILLEN, ÍVSURANCE AG-EPSTT, No. 4, South Main Street, iN ARBOR, - - MICHIGAN. i'he olde6t agency in the dty. Established a 1 j&rter of a eentury ago. Representing the fol vine flrst class companles: iorae Insurance Co.,of N.Y.,AMetsover f 6,000.(VK' jntinntal Ins. Co.,of N. Y.,AssetsoverS3,000,(li'P iaearaFireIn. Co, N. Y.,....Assetsf1,442,4ii' iuardcfPa., A-aets over ll.OOO.Oflfj :ent5kHAT s -icvor00'"00 ioeses Uberally adjuateii am, .iromptly paid The Ann Arbor Savings Bank, (Organized 1869, under the General Banking Law of this state) ha now, including capital Stock, etc., etc., OVER $230,000 ASSETS. Business men, Guardiaus, Trustees, Ladies and ather persons willflnd this Bank a SAFE AND CONVENIENT Place at which to make Deposite and do buaines . Interest is Allowed on All Savings Deposite Oí $1.00 and upward, according to the rule of the bank, and interest oompounded semi-anm aUy. Money to Loan in Sums of $2B to $5,000 Becured br Unluoamberod Real Hítate and ottaer Kood aecuritlea. JDIKEUTOHE- ('hriftian Maok, W. W. Wlno W. D. Harriman, Willlam Donbltt, R. A. Ba1 Daniel HíKook and v. B. Bmitb. Chriitlan Maok, TreHdant; w W Wlim, Tl rrMldent ; CbM. E. HIMk,. i


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